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Name Degree Project Title Graduation Year
Hanqing Wu PhD Big Data Sharing and High-efficiency Traceability for Blockchain-based Supply Chain Management 2022
Ruosong Yang PhD Post-processing and Applications of Pre-trained Models for Natural Language Processing 2022
Yu Yang PhD Feature Representation for Mining Evolution Patterns in Dynamic Data 2021
Yanni Yang PhD Smart Wireless Sensing for Human Activity Monitoring and Object Detection 2021
Shan Jiang PhD High-performance Packing and Searching for Blockchain-based Big Data Sharing 2021
LI Chun Tung PhD Mobile Sensing Based Human Stress Monitoring for Smart Health Applications 2021
Yuvraj Sahni PhD Task Partitioning and Offloading in Collaborative Edge Computing Environments 2021
Zhuo Li PhD Unidimensional Sequence Prediction to Multidimensional Spatial Prediction with Deep Neural Networks 2021
Jia Wang PhD Data Driven Reinforcement Learning for Decision-making Applications 2021
Jiaxing Shen PhD Data-Driven Analytics of Human Dynamics Using Privacy-Sensitive Data 2019
Yuqi Wang PhD Cross Domain Data Analytics for Urban Computing 2018
Linchuan Xu PhD Heterogeneous Information Fusion in Network Embedding for Data Mining Applications 2018
Gang Yao PhD (Part-time) Secure Fast Handoff in IEEE 802.11-based Wireless Mesh Networks 2018
Wengen Li PhD (Joint Programme with Tongji University) Advanced Spatial Keyword Query over Road Networks 2018
Yaguang Huangfu MPhil Vertex Map: Dynamic Programming Big Data 2016
Guanqing Liang PhD User Behaviour Modeling, Recognition and Analytics in Pervasive Computing 2016
Rui Liu MPhil Mitigating Privacy Risks of Smartphones in Mobile Computing 2016
Jiaqi Wen MPhil Activity Recognition and Emotion Inference Using Smart Things 2016
Zongjian He PhD Data Acquisition and Collection in Smart Vehicle Based Community Sensing 2015
Wanyu Lin MPhil Fast and Energy-efficient Distributed Algorithms for Computation-intensive Applications in WSN 2015
Chisheng Zhang PhD Quality of Services and User Experience in Wireless Vehicular Internet Access 2015
Yang Zou MPhil (Part-time) Video Surveillance over Wireless Networks 2015
Tao Li PhD A Bottom-up Approach to Designing Distributed Cyber-Physical Systems 2014
Joanna Siebert PhD A Publish/Subscribe Approach to Service Management in Pervasive Computing 2014
Lei Yang PhD Programming Model and Execution Framework for Mobile Cloud Applications 2014
Steven Lai Yi PhD (Part-time) Publish/Subscribe Middleware for Wireless Sensor Networks 2013
Jingjing Li PhD (Part-time) Coverage and Data Fusion for Object Tracking in Wireless Sensor Networks 2013
Miao Xiong MPhil Media Independent Handover Platform with Context-awareness Extension in Heterogeneous Wireless Networks 2013
Yin Yuan PhD QoS of Video Transmission Over Wireless Networks 2013
Weiping Zhu PhD Reliable Event Processing in Sensor Network Applications 2013
Jie Zhou MPhil Secure Routing in Multi-hop Wireless Networks 2012
Wei Feng PhD Cross-layer Optimization of Wireless Networks 2011
Geoffrey Shea Yu-Kai PhD (Part-time) Adaptive Mobile GIS and Applications 2011
Binbin Zhou MPhil Adaptive Traffic Light Control in WSN-based ITS 2011
Xiaopeng Fan PhD Data Dissemination and Sharing in Mobile Computing Environments 2010
Vaskar Raychoudhury PhD Fault Tolerance in Pervasive Computing Systems 2010
Jinchuan Chen PhD Efficient and Quality-Aware Processing of Uncertain Data Streams 2009
Yuan Zheng PhD (Part-time) High Performance Publish/Subscribe Systems for Wireless Ad Hoc Networks Using Geographic Information 2009
Hui Cheng PhD (Part-time) Design of Group-Oriented Algorithms and Protocols for Mobile Networks 2007
Weigang Wu PhD (Part-time) Distributed Coordination in Mobile Wireless Environments 2007
Jin Yang PhD Design of Fault Tolerant Mobile Agent Systems 2006
Liang Zhang MPhil Design of High Performance Mobile Communication Protocols 2005
Fan Chan MPhil (Part-time) ClusterGOP: An Environment for High-level, Graph-Oriented Programming on Clusters 2004
Nick Cheung King-Cheung MPhil (Part-time) Towards a Reliable Monitor Construct for Concurrent and Distributed Programming 2002