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We celebrate the birthday of Prof. Jiannong Cao
Many congratulations to the graduation of four PHDs supervised by Prof. Cao.
Prof. Baochun Li and our lab had a farewell party for Dr. Jiaxing Shen.
We attended a breakout session of PolyU InnoTech Open Day
We have a demo visit by several industrial professionals


  • May 2023: a patent is granted for “基于执行轨迹信息的安卓应用行为表征构造方法”.
  • Apr 2023: Prof. Cao and his team won 1 silver medal on 48th Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions for project "PolyPi: Edge AI-empowered Autonomous Robot for In-pipe Inspection", 2023.
  • Apr 2023: welcome Dr. Jin Wang and Dr. Yong Zhao join the department as Postdoctoral Fellow.
  • Mar 2023: welcome Xiangke Lan joins the department as Research Assistant.
  • Feb 2023: a patent is granted for “一种多NFC芯片融合的防伪标签及其验证方法”.
  • Feb 2023: welcome Zhehan Hu and Wenting He join the department as Research Assistant.


The Internet and Mobile Computing Laboratory (IMCL), directed by Prof. Jiannong Cao, was established in 2002. IMCL is with the Department of Computing, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. IMCL brings forth the expertise and experiences of researchers from diverse backgrounds include parallel and distributed computing, wireless networking and mobile computing, big data and machine learning, and cloud and edge computing. Besides state-of-the-art research, IMCL also aims at facilitating the transfer of technology from mainstream research into applied research.

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