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PhD/MPhil/MSc Dissertations

  1. Yuejiao Dou (2013), MSc thesis: Evaluating the Impact of Client Network Monitoring Software on Network Path Measurement
  2. Edmond Chan (2010), PhD thesis: Design and Analysis of Robust Techniques for Inferring Network Path Properties
  3. Qi Zhang (2009), MSc thesis: Online Game Traffic Classification
  4. Jacky Lim (2008), MSc thesis: FlashyPath: A Flash-based visualization tool for Internet path measurement
  5. Waiting Fok (2008), MSc thesis: Active Loss Pair Measurement
  6. Yi Xie (2008), PhD thesis: Energy Efficiency in IEEE 802.11 Wireless Networks
  7. Sum Lam (2008), PhD thesis: Relative Stability Analysis of Multiple-Queue Systems
  8. Richard Ng (2007), MSc thesis: Methodologies for Measuring IEEE802.11 Networks with Application
  9. Samantha Lo (2007), MPhil thesis: Measuring Routing Dynamics Induced by the AS Path Prepending Method
  10. Xiapu Luo (2007), PhD thesis: Two Classes of Novel TCP Exploits and the Countermeasures
  11. Michael Lo (2002), MSc thesis: Inbound Traffic Engineering for Multihomed ASes Using AS Path Prepending
  12. Chan Man Kit, Eric (2001), MSc thesis: Improving TCP Performance for HTTP Persistent Connections
  13. Yu Hong Lin, James (2001), MSc thesis: Fairness Between Layered Multicast Data Transfer and TCP
  14. Lau Chi Wai (2001), MSc thesis: The Layered Video Multicast: Rate Control Mechanism
  15. Mr. Kalman Wan (2001), MSc thesis:  An Infrastructure to Defend Against Distributed Denial-of-Service Attacks
  16. Ms. Estella Tsang (2000), MSc thesis: A Simulation Study on the Fairness of TCP Vegas
  17. Chen Ching Ysu, Dennis (2000), MSc thesis: Multicast Push Support for WWW
  18. Chiu Wai Ming. Desmond (2000), MSc thesis: Scalable Secure Multicast Using Extended IGMP
  19. Ms. Filli Cheng (2000), MPhil thesis: Scalable Multicast Routing: Protocol Design and Performance Evaluation
  20. Chan Kwok Wai, Ricky (2000), MPhil thesis: Reliable Multicast Protocol for Core-Based Multicast Tree
  21. Fung King Pong, Billy (1999), MSc thesis: SOCKS5-Based Firewall Support for UDP-Based Applications
  22. Chan Kam Wing, Ricky (1999), MSc thesis: Performance Optimization of WDM Lightwave Networks
  23. Ng Ping Wing, Steven (1999), MSc thesis: An Empirical Study of TCP's Fairness
  24. You Kam Ho, Timothy (1998), MSc thesis: Design of a Security Testing and Attack Detection System for IP Networks
  25. Simon Wong (1997), MPhil thesis: Design and Analysis of a Bypass Construction Algorithm for Self-healing ATM Networks
  26. Sam Lam (1997), MPhil thesis:  Queue Stability Analysis of Multiaccess Systems
  27. Fai Siu (1997), MPhil thesis:  Performance Optimization of WDM Lightwave Networks with Regular Virtual Topologies
  28. Hong-yu Wang (1997), PhD thesis:  FCCN: A Highly Scalable, Hierarchical Interconnection Network (received from Tianjin University, PRC)
  29. Pong Siu Chuen, Derek (1997), MSc thesis: Ethernet Switching--A Cost-Effective Approach to Support Multimedia Applications