Dan Wang


       Department of Computing,

       The Hong Kong Polytechnic University,

       Hung Hom, KL, Hong Kong (zip-code free)

       Phone: 852-2766-7267 Fax: 852-2774-0842

       Email: dan.wang AT polyu.edu.hk



Ghost Hand Rock, Wong Chuk Kok Tsui, 2017





I am a Professor of Department of Computing, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hung Hom, Kowloon, Hong Kong. I got my B. Sc from Peking University, Beijing, M. Sc from Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH, and Ph. D. from Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada, all in Computer Science. In the past, I have worked and visited various research and industry institutions, including Hong Kong Baptist University; Microsoft Research, Asia; NEC Research, New Jersey; CWRU & NASA-Glenn Center, Ohio; Teclick Co (start up).




I am interested in Network Architecture and QoS, Smart Building (a Big Data study), Industry 4.0



ACM Distinguished Scientist 2023, for contribution to data-driven applications and platforms for cyber-physical energy systems.

Best paper award, ACM Buildsys 2018

Best paper award, ACM e-Energy 2018

Outstanding Scientific Research Awards, Natural Science 2nd class, Ministry of Eduction, 2018

Global Innovation Award, TechConnect, 2017

Gold medal, International Exhibition of Innovations, Geneva, 2009

Distinguish TPC member, INFOCOM 2015, 2018


Some news:

I am recruiting, funded Ph.D. slots available! Please send me your CV and we can have a chat.

TPC co-Chair, ACM Buildsys 2024, please consider submitting your best works.

ACM Distinguished Scientist, for contribution to data-driven applications and platforms for cyber-physical energy systems.

Steering committee chair, ACM eEnergy

Advisor, Global AI Challenge, 2021 - 2022, EMSD, Hong Kong SAR, please consider participating.

General co-Chair, ACM e-Energy 2022, please consider submitting your best works.

An overview paper on Federated Analytics

Energon: A Data Acquisition System for Portable Building Analytics, ACM e-Energy 2021

Steering committee chair, IEEE/ACM IWQoS

Excellent service for IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management

Experience on the mirrored program of ACM e-Energy 2020 virtual conference

TPC co-Chair, IEEE/ACM IWQoS 2020, please consider submitting your best works.

TPC co-Chair, ACM e-Energy 2020, please consider submitting your best works.

Best paper award, ACM Buildsys 2018, this paper develops a generative model; for a discriminative model, we have another piece of work.

Best paper award, ACM e-Energy 2018, comments from the ACM

Our MPTCP measurement on high speed train accepted by ACM SIGCOMM 2018

Industry adoption: acknowledgement from Henderson (恒基兆業)

CCCF column on smart building (中國計算機學會通訊專欄)

An IoT Communication Sharing Model for industry 4.0 in IEEE INFOCOM 2018, system in ACM Buildsys 2017

TechConnect Global Innovation Award 2017 of our platform SPET, some media reports, reports

Book published by Cambridge Press, 2016

Our study on Sponsor Data Plan in ACM SIGMETRICS 2015


Publication  Research TPC



Please access all materials from L@PU.


To undergraduate students: If you need to see me and seek my signature, please feel free to directly drop by my office. I am receiving too many emails to set up a formal meeting time. It is quite easy for me to overlook one.

To Students


Yes! I am looking for students see a little details.


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In my spare time, I travel. I do some hiking and sports. I occasionally read some books. I occasionally do some paintings and some gadgets.

Since April, 16th, 2006
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