I am always looking for bright students to join!

If you are an undergraduate student in PolyU, please feel free to drop by.


My fellow students:


Dr. Kunfeng Lai, graduation 2013, currently in Tencent, rank T4;

Dr. Yi Yuan, graduation 2014, currently in Tencent; Yi rode to Tibet in the summer of 2014, great achievement!

Dr. Abraham Hang Yat Lam, graduation 2015, co-founder, Building Integration Perfection Ltd, co-founder, MEGA Automation Ltd, news on TVB and 大公報

Dr. Liang Zhang, graduation 2016, currently in Tech Scienist Club, JD.com

Dr. Zimu Zheng, graduation 2019, currently in Huawei.

Dr. Quanyu Dai, graduation 2020, currently in Huawei.

Dr. Chuang Hu, graduation 2020, currently RAP, The Hong Kong PolyU

Mr. Lai Wei, Ph.D. candidate

Mr. Yanhui Xu, Ph.D. candidate

Miss. Siping Shi, Ph.D. candidate

Mr. Fang He, Ph.D. candidate

Mr. Yang Deng, Ph.D. candidate

Mr. Rui Lu, Ph.D. candidate

Mr. Xiaoyang Zhang, Ph.D. candidate

Mr. Bihai Zhang, Ph.D. candidate

Mr. Tao Ling, Ph.D. candidate

Miss. Yijie Yang, Ph.D. candidate

Mr. Yanting Liu, Ph.D. candidate

Mr. Shuntao Zhu, Ph.D. candidate



Dr. Dawei Pan, currently an Associate Professor in Harbin Engineering University



Jichen Zhang, graduation 2020, Duke

Zihang Lyu, graduation 2020, U of Michigan

Fengming Liu, graduation 2019, Imperial College

Kaichen Wei, graduation 2019, John Hopkins U

Fangqiu Su, graduation 2019, Cornell

Shi Wang, graduation 2018, HKUST


I commonly keep a group of 5-7 people. Other than postgraduate students, I usually have visiting students from Mainland and Oversea, recruited as research assistants.