I often go hiking. I go hiking when I was in travel too, e.g., Yosemite, USA, but mostly I go hiking in Hong Kong. Hong Kong has a lot of good hiking trails and also many organized outdoor activities. For example, I run care action 4 times.


Besides the ones that you may easily find from a typical Hong Kong hiking hand book, there are actually quite some more interesting ones.


狗牙嶺 (unfortunately, I can not find an English name for this trail) This is a tough one, be aware!


東西沖穿越 (What Red Cross), one of the most beautiful trail in Shenzhen.


River trekking (行澗) is one special hiking. 幹白石澗 (again, I cannot find an English name for this trail). This is also a tough one, be aware!


I go cycling, sometimes quite long. For example, I rode from Guangzhou to Zhuhai (100 km+) and Shenzhen (Humen) to Zhuhai (90+ km).


I do sports when the sport is fun, e.g., the care action I mentioned earlier. There are many fun sports, such as bubble soccer, color run, zombie run. I believe there are more to come.