Recent Research Focus


Internet Architecture and QoS


I am interested in Internet architecture and Internet resource utilization problems that can be broadly classified as as Quality-of-Service. We study analytic methods, measurement, and pricing solutions to make the Internet better.


I am currently working on using pricing solutions to better match Internet resource supply and demand [SDP'14][INFOCOM'14a][SIGMETRICS'15][INFOCOM'16a].


In the past, I have studied backup paths for Internet routing [ICDCS'09][Globecom10], Forwarding (FIB) compression [INFOCOM'11][INFOCOM'14b], Internet routing for energy conservation [ICNP'13][INFOCOM'16b],  measurement of Internet protocols in high mobility environments [ICNP'14][INFOCOM'15].


I contributed to address driven network (ADN), a new architecture, led by Tsinghua University. We studied two dimensional IP routing [ICNC'13][INFOCOM'14b][Internetdraft]. More information on this can be found here.


Smart Building


Building is a central point of My study on smart building started from wireless sensor networks. In the past, I have studied structural health monitoring of high-rise buildings [INFOCOM'10][INFOCOM'12a][TMC'12]. In particular, our worked on Guangzhou New TV Tower. More information on this can be found here.


I am currently focusing on building energy efficiency [INFOCOM'12b][RTSS'13], and thermal comfort of people [Buildsys'13][e-Energy'14][Buildsys'14]. It should be noted that buildings are constructed to serve people, not to serve energy efficiency. Some more information on this can be found here.