I am looking for students who would like to work in computer networking area. I am interested in various topics that you may choose, such as green computing, cloud computing, big data analytics, which are the cutting edge technologies today. If admitted, a full range support during the Ph.D. period is guaranteed. During the study, I would also recommend students to conduct research (as an intern) in world leading institutions. To apply, you must have English test scores on either TOEFL or  IELTS. Preference will be given to the one with (or expected) a Master's degree. If interested, please contact me with your resume.


I am also looking for RAs (six months to one year). Some slots are available for 1) wireless sensor networks for green buildings, I expect knowledge in hardware development; and 2) cloud computing. I expect knowledge in networking and some understanding in optimization. Expert in programming is a must for both positions.


I can also provide Postdoc position. Currently, we are looking for those who are interested in green computing.