Jing Li 李菁

Assistant Professor
Department of Computing
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

PQ 714, Mong Man Wai Building
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Hung Hom, Kowloon
Hong Kong SAR, China

jing-amelia.li [AT] polyu [DOT] edu [DOT] hk


  • [NEW] Our ongoing work, AnglE, for angle-optimized text embeddings has achieved over 400k downloads on Hugging Face last month (peaked at over 500k). Congrats to Xianming, and thanks to the Hugging Face team! [Manuscript] [Github] [Hugging Face].
  • [NEW] Our ongoing work with SUSTech, LLM4Decompile, for Decompiling Binary Code with Large Language Models has achieved over 2.5k stars (☆) on Github. Congrats to Hanzhuo! [Manuscript] [Github].
  • [NEW] Our new work, HICL, a new pre-trained model for social media in context learning is accepted at TNNLS journal. Congrats to Hanzhuo! [Paper] [Github]
  • [NEW] One new work BeLLM, a Backward Dependency Enhanced Large Language Model for Sentence Embeddings is accepted at NAACL 2024. Congrats to Xianming! [Paper] [Github]
  • [NEW] One our new work PopALM, popularity-aligned LLM for popular comment prediction is accepted at LREC-COLING 2024. Congrats to Erxin! [Paper] [Github].
  • I'll be more than happy to work with a self-motivated student/staff. Drop me your CV if you are interested in joining our team as a PhD/Research Associate/Research Assistant/Post-doc. I may not be able to reply all emails (but I do read them)!
  • Biography

    Dr. Jing Li is an Assistant Professor of the Department of Computing, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) since 2019. She is a member of Research Centre of Data Sciences and Artificial Intelligence (RC-DSAI). Before joining PolyU, she worked in the Natural Language Processing Center, Tencent AI Lab as a senior researcher from 2017 to 2019. Jing obtained her PhD degree from the Department of Systems Engineering and Engineering Management, The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2017 under supervision of Professor Kam-Fai Wong. Before that, she received her B.S. degree from Department of Machine Intelligence, Peking University in 2013. Jing has broad research interests on Natural Language Processing (NLP), Computational Social Science (CSS), and Machine Learning (ML). Particularly, she works on novel algorithms for language representation learning, social media language understanding, conversation and social interaction modeling, and robust NLP and multimodal applications in the noisy real-world applications.

    Research Topics

    • Pre-training and Language Representation Learning
    • Natural Language Understanding (NLU) for Social Media Contents
    • Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Multimodal Applications
    • Large Language Models and Embodied Agents
    Selected Projects (as PI/PC)

    • Apr 2023 - Apr 2026: AI-Care: A Multimodal Financial Assistant for the Visually Impaired. ITF (Innovation Technology Fund).
    • Mar 2022 - Feb 2023: Knowledge-Enhanced Automatic Essay Grading Research. Gift Fund from Zhongjiaoyunzhi (matched with RGC-RMGS).
    • Jan 2022 - Dec 2024: Social-Transformers: A Deep Pre-training Framework for Social Media Language Understanding. RGC Early Career Scheme (ECS).
    • July 2021 - June 2022: Development of a 3-hour Online Programme on Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics. PolyU Internal Fund under Freshman Seminar for the Online Teaching Development and Educational Research Grant as PI with Co-PI Dr. Richard Lui. Feel free to explore the AIDA Interactive Playground (only for internal use of PolyU students)!
    • Jan 2022 - Dec 2022: Pre-training Methods for Short Texts. CCF-Baidu Open Fund (matched with RGC-RMGS).
    • Jan 2021 - Dec 2021: Comment-Aware Weakly-Supervised Classification for Social Media Texts. CCF-Tencent Rhino-Bird Young Faculty Open Research Fund (matched with RGC-RMGS).
    • Jan 2021 - Dec 2023: Characterize, Detect, and Neutralize: Context-Aware Computational Methods for Media Bias on Social Platforms. NSFC (Young Scientists Fund).
    • Oct 2019 - Sep 2022: Discourse Parsing for Online Conversations. PolyU Internal Fund.

    Selected Publications

    [Google Scholar]

    Academic Experience

    Research Experience
    • Visiting PhD at Aston University, Birmingham, UK, Jan - Apr, 2016, Supervisor: Prof. Yulan He (Now with King's College London.)
    • Visiting PhD at Northeastern University, Boston, USA, Feb - May, 2017, Supervisor: Prof. Lu Wang (Now with University of Michigan.)
    Organization Committee Member:
    • 2024: ACL (D&I), LREC-COLING (sponsorship), NLPCC (tutorial)
    • 2023: NLPCC (student workshop), EMNLP (D&I)
    • 2022: AACL (D&I)
    • 2021: ACL-IJCNLP (sponsroship), NLPCC (publicity)
    • 2020: EMNLP (publication/findings), ICONIP (tutorial)
    Programme Committee Member (including area chairs and senior members):
    • 2024: NAACL (area chair), ACL (area chair), LREC-COLING (area chair), NLPCC (area achair), IJCAI
    • 2023: EACL, AAAI (senior member), ICASSP (meta reviewer), ACL (area chair), EMNLP (area chair)
    • 2022: ACL (area chair), ICASSP (meta reviewer), AAAI, EMNLP.
    • 2021: ACL (area chair), IJCAI (senior member), CCL (area chair), AAAI, EACL, NAACL
    • 2020: AAAI, ACL, ICONIP (senior member)
    • 2019: ACL, EMNLP, NAACL, AAAI
    • 2018: ACL and EMNLP (Best reviewer award in EMNLP 2018)
    • 2017: EACL and EMNLP
    • 2016: EMNLP
    • 2015: EMNLP
    • TACL: July 2021 - June 2023.
    • ACL Rolling Review (action edtior/area chair).

    Teaching Experience
    • Spring 2024: [COMP1433] Introduction to Data Analytics (co-teaching)
    • Spring 2024: [COMP1433] Introduction to Data Analytics (co-teaching)
    • Fall 2023: [COMP5423] Natural Language Processing
    • Spring 2023: [COMP1433] Introduction to Data Analytics (co-teaching)
    • Spring 2023: [COMP1004] Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics (co-teaching)
    • Fall 2022: [COMP1004] Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics (co-teaching)
    • Spring 2022: [COMP1433] Introduction to Data Analytics
    • Spring 2021: [FH6051] Computational Linguistics (co-teaching)
    • Spring 2021: [COMP5511] Artifical Intelligence Concepts
    • Spring 2021: [COMP1433] Introduction to Data Analytics
    • Spring 2020: [COMP1433] Introduction to Data Analytics
    • Fall 2019: [COMP6701] Advanced Topics in Computer Algorithms (co-teaching)
    • Fall 2019: [COMP4122] Game Design and Development (co-teaching)

    Research Students and Staffs at PolyU
    Alumni at PolyU:
    • Yubo Zhang, Undergraduate Student (under PolyU URIS project), Aug 2020-Aug 2023 . Publications: [ACL 2022] [EMNLP 2021]. Now a PhD student at USC.
    • Xiaoxin Lu, Master student and Project Assistant. Jan 2021-June 2022. Dissertation: Doctor Recommendation in Online Health Forums via Expertise Learning. Publication: [ACL 2022]. Now a PhD student at PSU.
    • Zexin Lu, PhD student. Sep 2019 - Nov 2022. Thesis: Machine-Aided Online User Engagements. Co-supervisor: Chair Prof. Qing Li Publications: [ACL-IJCNLP 2021] [SLT 2021]. Now a Postdoc Fellow at PolyU.
    • Yibing Liu, Research Asisstant. Apr 2021 - June 2021. Now a PhD student at CityU. Publication: [ICML 2022].
    • Keyang Ding, Master Student and Research Assistant. Apr 2021 - Aug 2022. Dissertation: Hashtags, Emotions, and Comments: A Large-Scale Dataset to Understand Fine-Grained Social Emotions to Online Topics. Publications: [EMNLP 2020] [ACL-IJCNLP 2021]. Now a PhD student at HIT.
    • Bing Wang, Visiting PhD student from Oxford. Mar 2021 - June 2021. Now an Assistant Professor at PolyU.
    • Junfeng Jiang, Master student. Oct 2019-Mar 2021. Dissertation: Online Medical-consultation Recommendation System with Topic Model. Now a software engineer at Oppo.
    • Hongliang Sun, Master student. Oct 2019-Mar 2021. Dissertation: Domain-Specific Language Model Continue Pretraining for Chinese Weibo. Now a PhD student in HIT.
    • Jiancheng Wen, Research Assistant. Aug 2020-Feb 2021.
    Previous Intern Students at Tencent:
    • Yingyi Zhang, PhD student from NJUST. Oct 2017 - May 2018. Publications: [NAACL 2018] [JASIST 2019]. Now a Lecturer at Soochow University.
    • Jichuan Zeng, PhD student from CUHK. Dec 2017 - Aug 2019. Publications: [EMNLP 2018 ] [TACL 2019] [WWW 2020]. Now a senior research engineer at ByteDance.
    • Yue Wang, PhD student from CUHK. May 2018 - Aug 2019. Publications: [NAACL 2019] [ ACL 2019] [EMNLP 2020]. Now a senior research scientist at Salesforce.
    • Lu Ji, Master student from Fudan. Apr - Aug 2019. Publication: [NAACL 2021]. Tencent Rhino-Bird Elite Training Program. Now an engineer at Pinduoduo.
    • Ming Liao, PhD student from CUHK. May - Sep 2018. Publication: [EMNLP 2019]. Now a Postdoc Fellow at PolyU.
    • Xiaoxue Liu, Master student from Nanjing University. May - Sep 2018. Now an engineer at Tencent.
    Other Student Collaborators