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Measuring Non-cooperative Internet Paths for Quality, Reliability, and Security

The Team

From left to right: Brent Zhou, Weichao Li, Ruifeng Xu, Prof. Rocky Chang, Daoyuan Wu, Ricky Mok, Waiting Fok, Jack Chan, Curtis Yung

Latest News

[7 October 2012] Our paper on "MonoScope: Automated Network Faults Diagnosis Based on Active Measurements" is accepted in IEEE/IFIP IM 2013.

[7 October 2012] Our paper on "An Efficient Approach to Multi-level Route Analytics" is accepted in IEEE/IFIP IM 2013.

[5 June 2012] Our project "Design and Implementation of a Unified Box for Offering Network Path Measurement as a Service" has been approved by ITF as a Tier-2 project.

[13 February 2012] Our paper on "Characterizing Inter-domain Rerouting after Japan Earthquake" is accepted in IFIP NETWORKING 2012.

[19 November 2011] Our paper on "QDASH: A QoE-Aware DASH System" is accepted in ACM MMSys 2011.

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