Members of Yixin Cao's group

Graduate students
Yuping KE

KE Yuping (PhD. student)

Shenghua Wang

WANG Shenghua (PhD. student)

Undergraduate students

Xu Ying (senior student)


Previous members: Qilong Feng, Jinshan Gu, Nanqing Huang, Xiating Ouyang, Ashtush Rai, Balakrishnan B. Sandeep, RĂ©mi Watrigant, Chenchen Wu, Xiaowei Wu, Jie You.

Want to join us?

Ph.D. Students and Postdocs

Applications welcome! Please send via email your CV, research summary/statement, and a cover letter.

Undergraduate Students

Either drop by my office (Th-F afternoons), or come to my group meeting at PQ815, 9:30am Friday (no approval needed).