Yixin Cao (操宜新)

Associate Professor
Department of Computing
Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Hong Kong, China *

yi – in.c – o@polyu.edu.hk
(substitute '–' with human intelligence)
+852 3400-3195
PQ706, Mong Man Wai Building


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I am mainly working on algorithmic graph theory and its applications. I'm also interested in theoretical computer science in the broadest sense.

Events (authororganizerspeaker):
FAW'19 ++ 算法与复杂性 ++ CanaDAM'19 ++ Worker'19 ++ GTCA'19 ++ ICDCS'19 ++ 理论计算机科学年会 ++ ISAAC'19
TAMC'20 ++ WG'20 ++ 运筹学会年会 ++ IPEC'20 ++ ISAAC'20 ++ WEPA'20
SOSA'21 ++ CanaDAM'21 ++ WG'21 ++ IPEC'21
ICALP'22 ++ TAMC'22 ++ COCOON'22

Teaching (current)

F2022: COMP2011, Data structures.

Grants (PI only)


* Hong Kong has no postal code, so put 0000 if you're stubbornly required to.