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Our current research topics include Data Mining, Network Analysis, Knowledge Graph Analytics, Automated/Interactive Machine Learning, Social Media Mining.

  • Attributed Network Learning. Networks are widely adopted to represent the relations between objects in many disciplines. In real-world scenarios, nodes are often associated with a rich set of data describing their characteristics. We model these systems as attributed networks. Our goal is to develop effective, scalable, and human-centric learning algorithms for attributed networks, to enable their actionable patterns to be easily accessible and interpretable to data consumers.

  • Knowledge Graph and Analytics. Knowledge graphs (KGs) are an efficient data structure characterizing relations among real-world entities. They have served as an essential ingredient in an increasing number of applications, such as search, recommendations, question answering, and conversational agents. There are considerable KGs available or emerging, such as Wikidata and COVID-19 event KGs. To effectively utilize and integrate these KGs, many challenges need to be addressed. Real-world KGs could contain millions or billions of facts, associated with distinct types of auxiliary information. A significant number of incorrect facts could be introduced during the construction of KGs. Our goal is to develop effective, scalable, and human-centric embedding and refinement algorithms for KGs, to enable their actionable patterns to be easily accessible to data consumers.

Open Positions at Computing@PolyU

We are looking for (fully-funded) self-motivated Ph.D. students, researchers, and postdocs, who are interested in pursuing data mining and machine learning research. Students with a strong background in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Statistics, Mathematics, or other related disciplines are strongly encouraged to apply. Self-funded visiting students/scholars are also welcome. Please feel free to drop an email to xiaohuang@comp.polyu.edu.hk with your CV.


Faculty Members
  • Xiao Huang, Assistant Professor, Department of Computing

Graduate Students
  • Liqiao Xia, Ph.D. student (Co-advised with Prof. Pai ZHENG), Fall 2020-

  • Shuang Zhou, Ph.D. student (Co-advised with Prof. Fu-Lai CHUNG (Korris)), Fall 2020-

  • Qinggang Zhang, Research Assistant, Fall 2020-

  • Zhiming Xu, Research Assistant, Fall 2020-

  • Qiaoyu Tan, Research Assistant, Fall 2020-

  • Huachi Zhou, M.S. student, Fall 2020-

  • Xin Zhang, M.S. student, Fall 2020-

  • Zhan Shi, Visiting student, 2020 Sept-

Ongoing Research Project

Acknowledgments: Our lab would like to thank generous support from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

  • (Start-up) Human-Centric Attributed Network Learning. PI.