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Edge Mesh

Enabling Distributed Intelligence in Internet of Things

We propose a new computing paradigm, Edge Mesh, for Internet of Things which distributes decision-making tasks among edge devices instead of sending all the data to a centralized server. All the computation tasks and data are shared using a mesh network of edge devices and routers. One of the problems being studied in in this project is to develop a framework for allocating tasks among edge devices while considering placement of input data in Edge Mesh.


PhD student: Yuvraj Sahni
Research fellow: Lei Yang
Former Staff: Shigeng Zhang, Xiaojun Yang 



[1] Sahni, Yuvraj, Jiannong Cao, Shigeng Zhang, and Lei Yang. "Edge Mesh: Anew paradigm to enable distributed intelligence in Internet of Things."IEEE Access 5 (2017): 16441-16458. 

[2] Sahni, Yuvraj, Jiannong Cao, and Jiaxing Shen. "Challenges and Opportunities in Designing Smart Spaces." In Internet of Everything,pp. 131-152. Springer, Singapore, 2018.