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Wireless human Sensing

Detect and monitor human's information using wireless technologies in a non-intrusive manner.

 Respiration monitoring

This project aims to sense human activities with wireless signals in a non-intrusive way. We now focus on solving problems on multi-person wireless sensing, including multi-person respiration monitoring and people counting using WiFi devices.  



 Passing People Counting using WiFi Devices

In this project, we build a physical model for counting people passing by the gateway based on the phase difference information of wireless signals. We propose to realize people counting in a low-cost (using WiFi-existing infrastructure), accurate (can count multiple people passing by at the same time) and non-intrusive (no need for carring devices and active participation, privacy-protected).



Xuefeng Liu(Research Fellow),
Yanni Yang (PhD),
Xiulong Liu (Postdoc),
Yanling Bu (Research Assistant).


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[3] Yanni Yang, Jiannong Cao, Xuefeng Liu,“Multi-Person Respiration Monitoring with COTS WiFi Devices”,submitted to IEEE Secon 2018