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Blockchain-based Big Data Sharing


Big data sharing is more and more popular due to its wide applications such as big data trading and cross-domain data analytics. Traditional big data sharing platforms can be classified into data hosting center and data aggregation center. However, they suffer from either privacy or authenticity issue. To this end, we developed AI3 - a blockchain-based big data sharing platform. In AI3, we proposed to leverage two loosely-coupled blockchains, metadata chain and sharingdata chain, to guarantee the privacy of the original data and the authenticity of the sharing records. We also implement AI3 in PolyU intranet and demonstrates its effectiveness.


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  • 江山,曹建农,林钦亮:一种基于事务关系的打包及共识方法,华为专利
  • 江山,曹建农,林钦亮:一种基于动态环签名的电子投票方法及系统,华为专利


Shan Jiang, Hanqing Wu, Yanni Yang, Ruosong Yang, Peiyuan Zhou, Mingyu Ma, Caiqing Zhou, Ping Xu, Yiran Cheng


Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd., HK$1,920,000, 07/2016-08/2018