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Experimental results of paper


※Two-stage Image Denoising by Principal Component Analysis with Local Pixel Grouping§

by Lei Zhang, Weisheng Dong, David Zhang and Guangming Shi


Pattern Recognition, vol. 43, issue 4, pp. 1531-1549, April 2010.


Paper:                   download here.

Matlab code:          download here.


The Matlab source code of our LPG-PCA denoising algorithm is optimized. Now it requires only 1~2 mins to denoise an image of 256 by 256!


We label


the denoising method [1] as ※pbshrink§;

the denoising method [2] as ※mixscale§;

the denoising method [3] as ※ksvd§;

the denoising method [4] as ※bm3d§;

and the proposed LPG-PCA-based denoising method as ※lpgpca§.


With these labels, the denoising result by using the method ※lpgpca§ of noisy image Lena with =20 is saved as ※lena20_lpgpca.tif§, and similarly for other methods.


Experiment 1 -- Lena

download images

Experiment 2-- Cameraman

download images

Experiment 3 每 House

download images

Experiment 4 每 Barbara

download images

Experiment 5 每 Peppers

download images

Experiment 6 每 Paint

download images

Experiment 7 每 Monarch

download images

Experiment 8 每 Bloodcell

download images

Experiment 9 每 Tower (color)

download images

Experiment 10 每 Parrot (color)

download images



The PSNR (dB) and SSIM results of the denoised images at different noise levels and by different schemes. The value in the parenthesis is the SSIM [5] measurement.





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