Things I do in my spare time

My other interests and activities:

íP        Sports: I always enjoy doing some exercises and group sports that are the non-contact kind. From 2003, I started to train for long distance running and has so far run 8 full marathons, with seven in the Standard and Chartered Marathon in HK, and one in Philadelphia.  For some temporary health issue, I have stopped from 2011, but should pick up to at least running a half marathon next year.  Running Marathon is a great experience.  I enjoyed the solitude, the time I can have all to myself without any guilt. There is no pressure to compete with anyone else, but you can somehow push yourself to finish the goals(yes, a series of goals) you set for yourself during the whole training process, overcome your own mental fear and physical discomfort, break your own limit, and stand tall at the end of the finishing line. Oh, another thing, It is a great feeling to have friends who share the same spirit, go through the same training all alone as individuals, and yet, are all connected because we know we have a common goal, and all have tried to reach it. Here goes some pictures of me running.




2009 at the finishing line


2011 at the PolyU booth


2011 approaching the finishing line


Running buddies(Finishing line buddies, really, as there is no running buddies)


My first Standard Chartered 10K in 2003


First full Marathon, Tsing Ma Bridge fighting the rain and finished in 5 hours.

íP        Travel and good food: I enjoy travelling to different places and especially enjoy those that have historic sites and good food of any kind. When I travel, I like to go to museums, and archeological sites, and, I also like to try all kinds of local food from street food to gourmet cooking.   Going to the local markets is one of my favorite pastime (right, not window shopping!) in a foreign place.  I have been to most of the European countries and Asian countries.  Countries in the Middle East and South America would be my next destinations if I can find the time to do so. I'd also like to visit more places in China. Here are list of maps that show more details of the countries I visited: World Map, Europe, USA, and China.


My Family:

I am married with two daughters, Emily and Iris, both are in Universities and both are in political science. Emily is in graduate school and wants to be in academics. Iris is a freshman in college, and she is really into womens studies. They all grew up enjoying debates and still travel around to join tournaments. Emily likes to travel and good food. You can see that through the blogs she wrote during her exchange in Paris(, and her latest venture is making turduckens.  Iris used to write poems. I think it is partly because she had a lot of growing up pains. Take a look at her poems ( ) and I hope someone can make her to start writing it again (in this respect a mother!&s advice is the least effective).  In addition, I have two cats who are like my replacement kids especially after my daughters have all left home.  A good thing about cats is that they will never grow out of being cats.  That is, they will always let you hold them in your arms(Yes, my cats do let me hold them, and enjoy it).


Here are some pictures of the family, most of them are really old. Even though I have a lot of pictures, I simply do not have time to update the link.

My Extended Family:

I need to update this too. Here are some old pictures for the time being.





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