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Multispectral Palmprint Database


Palmprint is a unique and reliable biometric characteristic with high usability. With the increasing demand of highly accurate and robust palmprint authentication system, multispectral imaging has been employed to acquire more discriminative information and increase the antispoof capability of palmprint.

The Biometric Research Centre (UGC/CRC) at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University has developed a real time multispectral palmprint capture device which can capture palmprint images under blue, green, red and near-infrared (NIR) illuminations, and has used it to construct a large-scale multispectral palmprint database. To advance research and to provide researchers working in the area of multispectral recognition with a platform to compare the effectiveness of various multispectral palmprint recognition algorithms, we intend to publish our multispectral palmprint database, making it freely available for academic, noncommercial uses.

The outlook of the multispectral palmprint image acquisition device.

Description of the PolyU multispectral palmprint Database:

Multispectral palmprint images were collected from 250 volunteers, including 195 males and 55 females. The age distribution is from 20 to 60 years old. We collected samples in two separate sessions. In each session, the subject was asked to provide 6 images for each palm. Therefore, 24 images of each illumination from 2 palms were collected from each subject. In total, the database contains 6,000 images from 500 different palms for one illumination. The average time interval between the first and the second sessions was about 9 days. 

Each folder is named as “nnnn”. “nnnn” represents the identity of the person (range from 1 to 500). In each folder, the first 6 images (1_mm) were captured in the first session and the latter 6 images (2_mm) were captured in the second session, "mm" represents the image index for give session (range from 1 to 6). “Blue.rar”, "Green.rar", "Red.rar" and "NIR.rar" contains all the original palmprint images collected with our device by blue, green, red and NIR illumination. We also provide the extracted ROI images using our ROI extraction algorithm described in [1]. ROI images are contained in “ROI Database.rar”.

Related Publication:

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The Announcement of the Copyright

All rights of the PolyU multispectral palmprint Database are reserved. The database is only available for research and noncommercial purposes. Commercial distribution or any act related to commercial use of this database is strictly prohibited. A clear acknowledgement should be made for any public work based on the PolyU multispectral palmprint Database. A citation to "PolyU multispectral palmprint Database,” and our related works must be added in the references.

Downloading Steps (Recommend to open by IE):

This PolyU Multispectral Palmprint Database, including "MSpalmprint" and "MSpalmprint ROI", is made publicly available and can be obtained from this website. It is totally free for academic, noncommercial purposes. Any person or organization that wishes to use the database must agree to the terms of the agreement and fill in the agreement forms. The successful applicants will receive their login accounts and passwords to download the database.


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