Hong Kong Disneyland under construction (October 2004)

In Hong Kong, one of life's simple pleasures is taking a ride on the Star Ferry that enables commuters to get from Kowloon to Hong Kong and vice-versa. The decks of the ferries offer one fabulous views of the island.

Starry-eyed romantics will not want to miss this ride and lovers who only have eyes for each other will no doubt have to tear their gazes from each other as the panorama will just about steal your breath away, particularly at twilight time, when it is especially enchanting, with man-made lights lighting up in unison with the twinkling stars in the darkening sky.

So, for the many of us who cannot afford a luxury cruise, there're always the ferries of Hong Kong to set the lovely relaxing mood of an adventure at sea. Just close your eyes and let your imagination sail the Seven Seas.

Hong Kong is one of the busiest cities and ports in the world. Yet it is not the hectic pace of life that will leave you breathless. Instead, it is the very serenity of the Peak that will make you catch your breath.

Simply stunning - the view atop the Peak will have even the most hardened of sceptics marvelling at the beauty of Mother Nature's handiwork. So, take a little trip up to the Peak, where you'll learn to rediscover and love the simple things in life!

Cheung Chau means "Long Island" and the fishing community still live in real wooden junks - their traditional homes. But there is a difference here, these boats have very modern equipment to find fishes!


Vehicles are virtually non-existent here and visitors get to enjoy a relaxing walk as they make their way down the waterfront, simply called the "Praya". Seafood drying in the sun, fresh shellfish on sale and seafood restaurants are common sights here. The Praya becomes a pretty promenade, a la Mediterranean, in the evenings, while the weekends see lots of visitors from Hong Kong coming over for day-trips.

Lamma Island makes a wonderful weekend getaway or a day trip destination. Its close proximity to Hong Kong makes it possible and convenient for the people of the main island to enjoy a ferry ride over for a night of banqueting and reveling as there are many affordable restaurants and eateries serving excellent Chinese and Western fare.


The clear air and sandy beaches which give way to green hills complete with butterflies, trees and villages; the picturesque view that awaits from a pavilion at the top of a little hill on Hung Shing Yeh Beach - all do wonders for the soul. The little grocery shops, the bars and the lovely restaurants, some built out over the water - they do wonders to your appetite!


Lamma Island is just the place for you if you love good food and Mother Nature. So check into one of the few hotels there and check out all that Lamma Island has to offer.

Stanley is THE place for bargain hunters and patrons who love dining alfresco. But it is also known for its historic sites and colonial buildings, mainly the oldest police station and Murray House - the former British army quarters.

Mongkok is famous for its markets; there are four very interesting ones for you to check out - the Yuen Po Street Bird Garden, the Flower Market, the Goldfish Market and the Ladies' Market.


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