Accepted Papers

Fast QuadTree-Based Pose Estimation for Security Applications using Face Biometrics
Paola Barra, Carmen Bisogni, Michele Nappi and Stefano Ricciardi.
ATPG Binning and SAT Based Approach to Hardware Trojan Detection for Safety Critical Systems
Animesh Basak Chowdhury, Ansuman Banerjee and Bhargab B. Bhattacharya.
Enhanced Keystroke Recognition Based on Moving Distance of Keystrokes through WiFi
Chen Yunfang, Zhu Yihong, Zhou Hao, Chen Wei and Zhang Wei.
Revisiting Website Fingerprinting Attacks in Real-World Scenarios: A Case Study of Shadowsocks
Yankang Zhao, Xiaobo Ma, Jianfeng Li, Wei Li and Shui Yu.
User Relationship Classication of Facebook Messenger Mobile Data using WEKA
Amber Umair, Priyadarsi Nanda, Xiangjian He and Kim‐kwang Raymond Choo.
Secure Scheme Against Compromised Hash in Proof-of-Work Blockchain
Fengjun Chen, Zhiqiang Liu, Yu Long, Zhen Liu and Ning Ding.
Real-time IoT Device Activity Detection in Edge Networks
Ibbad Hafeez, Aaron Yi Ding, Markku Antikainen and Sasu Tarkoma.
Analysis on the Block Reward of Fork After Withholding
Junming Ke, Han Jiang, Xiangfu Song, Shengnan Zhao, Hao Wang and Qiuliang Xu.
DBAF: Dynamic Binary Analysis Framework and Its Applications
Ting Chen, Youzheng Feng, Xingwei Lin, Zihao Li and Xiaosong Zhang.
EMA-LAB: Efficient Multi Authorisation Level Attribute Based Access Control
Nesrine Kaaniche, Sana Belguith and Giovanni Russello.
Preventing Buffer Overflows by Context-aware Failure-oblivious Computing
Manuel Rigger, Daniel Pekarek and Hanspeter Mössenböck.
Analyzing the Communication Security between Smartphones and IoT based on CORAS
Motalib Hossain Bhuyan, Nur A. Azad, Weizhi Meng and Christian D. Jensen.
An efficient privacy preserving batch authentication scheme with deterable function for VANETs
Jinhui Liu, Yong Yu, Yanqi Zhao, Jianwei Jia and Shijia Wang.
Using Software Visualization for Supporting the Teaching of Map Reduce
Umberto Ferraro Petrillo.
Walking on the Cloud: Gait Recognition, a Wearable Solution
Aniello Castiglione, Kim-Kwang Raymond Choo, Maria De Marsico and Alessio Mecca.
Anonymous Attribute-Based Conditional Proxy Re-Encryption
Xianping Mao, Xuefeng Li, Xiaochuan Wu, Chuansheng Wang and Junzuo Lai.
Burn After Reading: Expunging Execution Footprints of Android Apps
Junliang Shu, Juanru Li, Yuanyuan Zhang and Dawu Gu.
Comprehensive Analysis of the Permissions used in Android
Yemian Lu, Qi Li, Purui Su, Juan Pan, Jia Yan and Pengyi Zhan.
A Provably-Secure Anonymous Two-factor Authenticated Key Exchange Protocol with Stronger Anonymity
Xiaoyan Yang, Han Jiang, Mengbo Hou, Zhihua Zheng, Qiuliang Xu and Kim-Kwang Raymond Choo.
PrivacySearch: An End-User and Query Generalization Tool for Privacy Enhancement in Web Search
Francisco-Javier Rodrigo-Gines, Javier Parra-Arnau, Weizhi Meng and Yu Wang.
An OpenvSwitch Extension for SDN Traceback
Danni Ren, Wenti Jiang, Huakang Li and Guozi Sun.
Shoot at A Pigeon And Kill A Crow: On Strike Precision of Link Flooding Attacks
Jiahao Peng, Xiaobo Ma, Jianfeng Li, Lei Xue and Wenjun Hu.
Multi-user Forward Secure Dynamic Searchable Symmetric Encryption
Qiao Wang, Yu Guo, Hejiao Huang and Xiaohua Jia.
Adding Confidential Transactions to Cryptocurrency IOTA with Bulletproofs
Peter Ince, Joseph Liu and Peng Zhang.
Creating and Managing Realism in the Next-Generation Cyber Range
Dragoș Ionică, Florin Pop and Aniello Castiglione.
Deep Android Malware Detection with Adaptive Classifier Selection
Ancheng He, Ting Liu, Yangxu Jin, Yu Qu and Qinghua Zheng.

Short Papers

Towards Security Authentication for IoT Devices with Lattice-based Zero-knowledge
Jie Cai, Han Jiang, Qiuliang Xu, Lv Guangshi and Minghao Zhao.
Performance Analysis of Searchable Symmetric Encryption Schemes on Mobile Devices
Dennis Y. W. Liu, Chi Tsiu Tong and Winnie W. M. Lam.
Understanding the Behaviors of BGP-based DDoS Protection Services
Tony Miu Tung, Chenxu Wang and Jinhe Wang.
Vulnerability Assessment for Unmanned Systems Autonomy Services Architecture
Yu Li, Ademola Ayodeji Ikusan, Junjie Zhang and Rui Dai.
Continuous Authentication on Smartphone by means of Periocular and Virtual Keystroke
Silvio Barra, Mirko Marras and Gianni Fenu.
LA3: A Lightweight Accountable and Anonymous Authentication Scheme for Resource-constrained Devices
Wensheng Zhang and Chuang Wang.
Android Malware Detection Methods Based on the Combination of Clustering and Classification
Zhi Xiong, Ting Guo, Qinkun Zhang, Yu Cheng and Kai Xu.
Secure Semantic Search based on Two-level Index over Encrypted Cloud
Lili Xia and Zhangjie Fu.
SCARA: A Framework for Secure Cloud-Assisted RFID Authentication for Smart Building Access Control
Ahmed Al-Sudani, Wanlei Zhou, Sheng Wen and Ahmed Al-Mansoori.