Message from the MDC05 Chairs

Welcome to MDC05! Following the success of the first two workshops MDC03, held in conjunction with ICDCS03 in Providence, Rhode Island USA and MDC04 with ICDCS04 in Tokyo, Japan, MDC05 provides a forum for scientists and engineers in academia and industry to exchange and discuss their experiences, new ideas, research results, and products about all aspects of mobile distributed computing.

The mobility of users together with their personal/wearable computing devices and the special characteristics of mobile environments, such as highly variable connectivity, disconnection, location-dependency, and energy and resource sensitivity, and the diversity and flexibility introduced by mobile systems bring new challenges for research in distributed computing. Mobile distributed computing has emerged as a discipline of distributed systems research and practice toward support for mobility. It is concerned with creating solutions using mobile communication networks and mobile computing devices to enable the sharing of distributed resources/services and to facilitate remote collaborations while people work away from the fixed, wired facilities. The principal theme of this workshop is the development of distributed algorithms, system level mechanisms, and applications for mobile computing environments. It also covers the underlying network environments and databases support.
This year, MDC05 received 41 papers. Each paper was reviewed by two to three members of the Program Committee or external reviewers. The final program includes 11 regular papers and 8 short papers, which cover a range of different topics related to mobile distributed computing, including mobile data management, wireless and sensor networks, resource sharing and cooperation, mobile agents, mobile peer-to-peer computing, and security. In addition, one invited contribution in ad hoc wireless networks further enriches the content of this high quality program. We congratulate the authors of accepted papers, and regret many quality submissions could not be included, due to the space limit of this program.

The organizing committee wants to thank all the submission authors for their contributions to the program. We are grateful that Professor Jie Wu accepted our invitation for the keynote presentation. We would also like to thank the PC members and external reviewers for their in-depth and timely reviews of the papers. Without their help and advice this program would not be possible. Mr. Hui Cheng has done an excellent job as a Web master and a coordinator of the review process. We also want to thank Prof. Philip Mckinley, ICDCS05 Workshop Chair, for his help and guidance in the organization of this workshop.

Hope you all enjoy the workshop.

Program Committee Chairs: Cheng-Zhong Xu, Guohong Cao, and Weijia Jia
General Chairs: Jiannong Cao and Sajal Das