Tentative Program for ICB 2006                               

Thursday, 5 January 2006




Welcome Address (Roland Chin, Chung-kwong Poon, Howard Dickson)


Invited Talk – Vijayakumar Bhagavatula




Oral Presentation




Invited Talk - Behnam Bavarian




Oral Presentation (cont.)


Poster Presentation


Poster Session


Welcome Reception



Friday, 6 January 2006


Invited Talk – Norihiro Hagita


FVC 2006 Report




Oral Presentation (cont.)




Oral Presentation (cont.)


Poster Presentation (cont.)


Poster Session


Harbour Cruise and Conference Banquet

Saturday, 7 January


Invited Talk – Raymond Wong


Invited Talk – Shihong LAO




Oral Presentation (cont.)




BioSecure Special Session


Detailed Timetable

Thursday, 5 January 2006

8:00 -           Registration (Venue: Outside N002)

9:00 - 10:30;
Opening Session (Venue: N002)
Session Chair: David Zhang, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, HK

  • 9:00 - 9:10; Opening Remarks by Roland Chin, General Chair, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong

  • 9:10 - 9:20; Welcome Address by Chung-kwong Poon, President, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong

  • 9:20 - 9:30; Invited Talk Howard Dickson, Government Chief Information Officer, Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Hong Kong


9:30 - 10:30; Invited Talk (Venue: N002)

                Session Chair: Jim Wayman, San Jose State University, USA

                        Speaker: Prof. Vijayakumar Bhagavatula

                                        Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University, USA

                        Topic: Frequency-Domain Image Biometric Authentication


10:30 - 10:50; Refreshment (Venue: Corridor of N002)


10:50 - 12:20; Oral Presentation (Two Parallel Sessions, Session A & B)

        Oral Presentation Session A (Venue: N002)

            Session Chair: Wen Gao, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

  • Gait Recognition Based on Fusion of Multi-view Gait Sequences
    Yuan Wang, Shiqi Yu, Yunhong Wang, and Tieniu Tan

  • Online Signature Verification with new Time Series Kernels for Support Vector Machines
    Christian Gruber, Thiemo Gruber, and Bernhard Sick

  • Multi-level Fusion of Audio and Visual Features for Speaker Identification
    Zhiyong Wu, Lianhong Cai, and Helen Meng


        Oral Presentation Session B (Venue: N003)

            Session Chair: Jaihie Kim, Yonsei University, Korea

  • Incorporating Image Quality in Multi-Algorithm Fingerprint Verification
    Julian Fierrez-Aguilar, Yi Chen, Javier Ortega-Garcia, and Anil K. Jain

  • A new approach to fake finger detection based on skin distortion
    A. Antonelli, R. Cappelli, Dario Maio, and Davide Maltoni

  • Model-Based Quality Estimation of Fingerprint Images
    Sanghoon Lee, Chulhan Lee, and Jaihie Kim

12:20 - 14:00; LUNCH (Venue: R11 Floor)


14:00 - 15:00; Invited Talk (Venue: N002)

        Session Chair: Tieniu Tan, Institute of Automation, CAS, China

Speaker: Dr. Behnam Bavarian

                                Vice President, Biometrics Business Group, Motorola, USA

                        Topic: State of Biometrics Industry and Research Opportunities


15:00 - 15:10; Refreshment (Venue: Corridor of N002)


15:10 - 16:40; Oral Presentation (Two Parallel Sessions, Session C & D)


        Oral Presentation Session C (Venue: N002)

            Session Chair: George Baciu, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, HK

  • A Phase-Based Iris Recognition Algorithm
    Kazuyuki Miyazawa, Koichi Ito, Takafumi Aoki, Koji Kobayashi, and Hiroshi Nakajima

  • Graph Matching Iris Image Blocks with Local Binary Pattern
    Zhenan Sun, Tieniu Tan, and Xianchao Qiu

  • Localized Iris Image Quality Using 2-D Wavelets
    Yi Chen, Sarat C. Dass, and Anil K. Jain


        Oral Presentation Session D (Venue: N003)

            Session Chair: Marcos Faundez-Zanuy, EUP Mataró, Spain

  • A Statistical Evaluation Model for Minutiae-based Automatic Fingerprint Verification Systems
    J. S. Chen and Y. S. Moon

  • The Surround ImagerTM: a Multi-Camera Touchless Device to Acquire 3D Rolled-Equivalent Fingerprints
    Geppy Parziale, Eva Diaz-Santana, and Rudolf Hauke

  • A Study of Identical Twins’ Palmprints for Personal Authentication
    Adams Kong, David Zhang, and Guangming Lu


16:40 - 17:05; Poster Presentation (Two Parallel Sessions, Part I&II)


        Poster Presentation Part I (Venue: N002)

            Session Chair: Seong-Whan Lee, Korea University, Korea

  •  Study and Improvement of Iris Location Algorithm
    Caitang Sun, Chunguang Zhou, Yanchun Liang, and Xiangdong Liu

  • Applications of Wavelet Packets Decomposition in Iris Recognition
    Junying Gan and Yu Liang

  • Iris Image Real-time Pre-estimation Using Compound BP Neural Network
    Xueyi Ye, Peng Yao, Fei Long, and Zhenquan Zhuang

  • Iris Recognition in Mobile Phone Based on Adaptive Gabor Filter
    Dae Sik Jeong, Hyun-Ae Park, Kang Ryoung Park, Jaihie Kim

  • Robust and Fast Assessment of Iris Image Quality
    Zhuoshi Wei, Tieniu Tan, Zhenan Sun, and Jiali Cui

  • Efficient Iris Recognition using Adaptive Quotient Thresholding
    Peeranat Thoonsaengngam, Kittipol Horapong, Somying Thainimit, and Vutipong Areekul

  • A Novel Iris Segmentation Method for Hand-held Capture Device
    XiaoFu He and PengFei Shi

  • Iris Recognition with Support Vector Machines
    Kaushik Roy and Prabir Bhattacharya

  • Fusion of Face and Iris Features for Multimodal Biometrics
    Ching-Han Chen and Chia Te Chu

  • The Identification and Recognition Based on Point for Blood Vessel of Ocular Fundus
    Zhiwen Xu, Xiaoxin Guo, Xiaoying Hu, Xu Chen, and Zhengxuan Wang

  • Invertible Watermarking Algorithm with Detecting Locations of Malicious Manipulation for Biometric Image Authentication
    Jaehyuck Lim, Hyobin Lee, Sangyoun Lee, and Jaihie Kim

  • An Improved Super-Resolution with Manifold Learning and Histogram Matching
    Chan Tak Ming and Junping Zhang


        Poster Presentation Part II (Venue: N003)

            Session Chair: Yunhong Wang, Beihang University, China

  • Hand geometry based recognition with a MLP classifier
    Marcos Faundez-Zanuy, Miguel A. Ferrer-Ballester, Carlos M. Travieso-González, and Virginia Espinosa-Duro

  • Fingerprint Authentication Based on Matching Scores with Other Data
    Koji Sakata, Takuji Maeda, Masahito Matsushita, Koichi Sasakawa, and Hisashi Tamaki

  • Effective Fingerprint Classification by Localized Models of Support Vector Machines
    Jun-Ki Min, Jin-Hyuk Hong, and Sung-Bae Cho

  • Fingerprint Ridge Distance Estimation: Algorithms and the Performance
    Xiaosi Zhan, Zhaocai Sun, Yilong Yin, and Yayun Chu

  • Enhancement of Low Quality Fingerprints Based on Anisotropic Filtering
    Xinjian Chen, Jie Tian, Yangyang Zhang, and Xin Yang

  • K-plet and Coupled BFS: A Graph Based Fingerprint Representation and Matching Algorithm
    Sharat Chikkerur, Alexander N. Cartwright, and Venu Govindaraju

  • A Fingerprint Recognition Algorithm Combining Phase-Based Image Matching and Feature-Based Matching
    Koichi Ito, Ayumi Morita, Takafumi Aoki, Hiroshi Nakajima, Koji Kobayashi, and Tatsuo Higuchi

  • Fast and Robust Fingerprint Identification Algorithm and its Application to Residential Access Controller
    Hiroshi Nakajima, Koji Kobayashi, Makoto Morikawa, Atsushi Katsumata, Koichi Ito, Takafumi Aoki, and Tatsuo Higuchi

  • Design of Algorithm Development Interface for Fingerprint Verification Algorithms
    Choonwoo Ryu, Jihyun Moon, Bongku Lee, and Hakil Kim

  • Preprocessing of a Fingerprint Image Captured with a Mobile Camera
    Chulhan Lee, Sanghoon Lee, Jaihie Kim, and Sung-Jae Kim

  • The Use of Fingerprint Contact Area for Biometric Identification
    M. B. Edwards, G. E. Torrens, and T. A. Bhamra

  • A Bimodal Palmprint Verification System
    Tai-Kia Tan, Cheng-Leong Ng, Kar-Ann Toh, How-Lung Eng, Wei-Yun Yau, and Dipti Srinivasan

  • Feature-Level Fusion of Hand biometrics for Personal Verification Based on Kernel PCA
    Qiang Li, Zhengding Qiu, and Dongmei Sun


17:05 - 18:00; Poster Display and Discussion (Part I & II) (Venue: R11 Floor)


18:00 - 19:00; Welcome Reception (Venue: R11 Floor)


Friday, 6 January 2006

9:00 - 10:30; Morning Session (Venue: N002)

                Session Chair: Vijayakumar Bhagavatula, Carnegie Mellon University, USA

  • 9:00 - 10:00; Invited Talk:

                Speaker: Dr. Norihiro Hagita

                                ATR Intelligent Robotics and Communication Labs & ATR  Media Information Science Labs, Kyoto, Japan

                Topic: Towards Symbiosis of  Communication Robots and Human Beings

  • 10:00 - 10:30; FVC 2006 Report
    Title: Performance characterisation of face recognition algorithms and their sensitivity to severe illumination changes
    Authors: Kieron Messer, Josef Kittler, James Short, G. Heusch, Fabien Cardinaux, Sebastien Marcel, Yann Rodriguez, S. Shan, Y. Su, Wen Gao, and X. Chen


10:30 - 10:50; Refreshment (Venue: Corridor of N002)


10:50 - 12:20; Oral Presentation (Two Parallel Sessions, Session E & F)

        Oral Presentation Session E (Venue: N002)

            Session Chair: Josef Kittler, University of Surrey, UK

  • Assessment of Blurring and Facial Expression Effects on Facial Image Recognition
    Mohamed Abdel-Mottaleb and Mohammad H. Mahoor

  • Ambient Illumination Variation Removal by Active Near-IR Imaging
    Xuan Zou, Josef Kittler, and Kieron Messer

  • Rapid 3D Face Data Acquisition Using a Color-Coded Pattern and a Stereo Camera System
    Byoungwoo Kim, Sunjin Yu, Sangyoun Lee, and Jaihie Kim


        Oral Presentation Session F (Venue: N001)

            Session Chair: Gerard Chollet, ENST, France

  • Recognize Color Face Images Using Complex Eigenfaces
    Jian Yang, David Zhang, Yong Xu, and Jing-yu Yang

  • Continuous Verification Using Multimodal Biometrics
    Sheng Zhang, Rajkumar Janakiraman, Terence Sim, and Sandeep Kumar

  • The Role of Statistical Models in Biometric Authentication
    Sinjini Mitra, Marios Savvides, and Anthony Brockwell

12:30 - 14:00; LUNCH (Venue: R11 Floor)


14:00 – 15:30; Oral Presentation (Two Parallel Sessions, Session G & Session H)

        Oral Presentation Session G (Venue: N002)

            Session Chair: Stan Z. Li, Institute of Automation, CAS, China

  • Face Recognition Issues in a Border Control Environment
    Marijana Kosmerlj, Tom Fladsrud, Erik Hjelmås, and Einar Snekkenes

  • Face Recognition Using Ordinal Features
    ShengCai Liao, XiangXin Zhu, ZheNan Sun, Stan Z. Li, and Tieniu Tan

  • Specific Sensors for Face Recognition
    Walid Hizem, Emine Krichen, Yang Ni, Bernadette Dorizzi, and Sonia Garcia-Salicetti


        Oral Presentation Session H (Venue: N001)

            Session Chair: Pieter Hartel, University of Twente, Netherlands

  • Fast and Accurate Segmentation of Dental X-ray Records
    Xin Li, Ayman Abaza, Diaa Eldin Nassar, and Hany Ammar

  • Acoustic Ear Recognition
    Ton H.M. Akkermans, Tom A.M. Kevenaar, and Daniel W.E. Schobben

  • Identity Verification Through Palm Vein and Crease Texture
    Kar-Ann Toh, How-Lung Eng, Yuen-Siong Choo, Yoon-Leon Cha, Wei-Yun Yau, and Kay-Soon Low


15:30 - 16:00; Poster Presentation (Two Parallel Sessions, Part III&IV)   


        Poster Presentation III (Venue: N002)

            Session Chair: Yang Ni, Institut National des Telecommunications, France

  • Face recognition by inverse Fisher discriminant features
    Xiao-Sheng Zhuang, Dao-Qing Dai, and P. C. Yuen

  • 3D Face Recognition Based on Facial Shape Indexes with Dynamic Programming
    Hwanjong Song, Ukil Yang, Sangyoun Lee, and Kwanghoon Sohn

  • Revealing the secret of FaceHashing
    King-Hong Cheung, Adams Kong, David Zhang, Mohamed Kamel, and Jane You

  • Person authentication from video of faces: a behavioral and physiological approach using Pseudo Hierarchical Hidden Markov Models
    Manuele Bicego, Enrico Grosso, and Massimo Tistarelli

  • Cascade AdaBoost Classifiers with Stage Optimization for Face Detection
    Zongying Ou, Xusheng Tang, Tieming Su, and Pengfei Zhao

  • Facial Image Reconstruction by SVDD-Based Pattern De-noising
    Jooyoung Park, Daesung Kang, James T. Kwok, Sang-Woong Lee, Bon-Woo Hwang, and Seong-Whan Lee

  • Pose Estimation based on Gaussian Error Models
    Xiujuan Chai, Shiguang Shan, Laiyun Qing, and Wen Gao

  • A Novel PCA-Based Bayes Classifier And Face Analysis
    Zhong Jin, Franck Davoine, Zhen Lou, and Jingyu Yang

  • Component-based Active Appearance Models for Face Modelling
    Cuiping Zhang and Fernand S. Cohen

  • Highly Accurate and Fast Face Recognition Using Near Infrared Images
    Stan Z. Li, Meng Ao, RuFeng Chu, Lun Zhang, and Ran He

  • Background Robust Face Tracking using Active Contour Technique Combined Active Appearance Model
    Jaewon Sung and Daijin Kim

  • Ensemble LDA for Face Recognition
    Hui Kong, Xuchun Li, Jian-Gang Wang, and Chandra Kambhamettu

  • Information fusion for local Gabor features based frontal face verification
    Enrique Argones Rúa, Josef Kittler, Jose Luis Alba Castro,  and Daniel González Jiménez

  • Human ear recognition from face profile images
    Mohamed Abdel-Mottaleb and Jindan Zhou

  • Using Genetic Algorithms to Find Person-Specific Gabor Feature Detectors for Face Indexing and Recognition
    Sreekar Krishna, John Black, and Sethuraman Panchanathan

  • Improved parameters estimating scheme for E-HMM with application to face recognition
    Bindang Xue, Wenfang Xue, and Zhiguo Jiang


        Poster Presentation IV (Venue: N001)

            Session Chair: SangYoun Lee, Yonsei University, Korea

  • A Novel Strategy for designing efficient Multiple Classifier
    Rohit Singh, Sandeep Samal, and Tapobrata Lahiri

  • A New Representation for Human Gait Recognition: Motion Silhouettes Image (MSI)
    Toby H.W. Lam and Raymond S.T. Lee

  • A Comparative Study of Feature and Score Normalization for Speaker Verification
    Rong Zheng, Shuwu Zhang, and Bo Xu

  • A False Rejection Oriented Threat Model for the Design of Biometric Authentication Systems
    Ileana Buhan, Asker Bazen, Pieter Hartel, and Raymond Veldhuis

  • Biometric Access Control through Numerical Keyboards based on Keystroke Dynamics
    Ricardo N. Rodrigues, Glauco F. G. Yared, Carlos R. do N. Costa, João B. T. Yabu-Uti, Fábio Violaro, and Lee Luan Ling

  • Human Identification System Based on PCA Using Geometric Features of Teeth
    Young-Suk Shin and Myung-Su Kim

  • Generation of Replaceable Cryptographic Keys from Dynamic Handwritten Signatures
    WK Yip, A Goh, DCL Ngo, and ABJ Teoh

  • Keystroke biometric system using wavelets
    Woojin Chang

  • Reconstruction of 3D Human Body Pose for Gait Recognition
    Hee-Deok Yang and Seong-Whan Lee

  • Online Signature Verification Based on Global Feature of Writing Forces
    ZhongCheng Wu, Ping Fang, and Fei Shen

  • Dynamic Bayesian Networks for Audio-Visual Speaker Recognition
    Dongdong Li, Yingchun Yang, and Zhaohui Wu

  • A Method for Footprint Range Image Segmentation and Description
    Yihong Ding, Xijian Ping, Min Hu, and Tao Zhang

  • Study on Synthetic Face Database for Performance Evaluation
    Kazuhiko Sumi, Chang Liu, and Takashi Matsuyama

  • Enhancing Login Security Through the Use of Keystroke Input Dynamics
    Kenneth Revett, Sérgio Tenreiro de Magalhães, and Henrique M. D. Santos

  • Improving the binding of electronic signatures to the signer by biometric authentication
    Olaf Henniger, Bjõrn Schneider, Bruno Struif, and Ulrich Waldmann

  • The application of extended geodesic distance in head poses estimation
    Bingpeng Ma, Fei Yang, Wen Gao, and Baochang Zhang


16:00 - 17:00; Poster Display and Discussion (Part III & IV) (Venue: R11 Floor)


17:30 - 21:00; Harbour Cruise and Conference Banquet


Saturday, 7 January 2006

9:00 - 10:30; Morning Session (Venue: N002)
Session Chair:
Behnam Bavarian, Biometrics Business Group, Motorola, USA

  • 9:00 - 10:00; Invited Talk

              Speaker: Raymond Wong 
                 Assistant Director (Information Systems), Immigration Department, The Govt. of HKSAR, Hong Kong  

              Topic: How Biometrics Affects the Work of Hong Kong Immigration   

  • 10:00 - 10:30; Invited Talk
    Speaker: Shihong LAO
                 Chief technologist, Sensing and Control Technology Laboratory, Omron Corporation        

                      Topic: Vision-Based Face Understanding Technologies and Their Applications

10:30 - 10:50; Refreshment (Venue: Corridor of N002)


10:50 - 11:20; Oral Presentation (Two Parallel Sessions, Session I & J)


        Oral Presentation I  (Venue: N002)

            Session Chair: Dao-Qing Dai, Sun Yat-Sen University, China

  • Classification of Bluffing Behavior and Affective Attitude from Prefrontal Surface Encephalogram during On-line Game
    Myung Hwan Yun, Joo Hwan Lee, Hyoung-joo Lee, and Sungzoon Cho


        Oral Presentation J  (Venue: N001)

            Session Chair: Massimo Tistarelli, Universita` di Sassari, Italy

  • A Novel Hybrid Crypto-Biometric Authentication Scheme for ATM Based Banking Applications
    Fengling Han, Jiankun Hu, Xinhuo Yu, Yong Feng, and Jie Zhou


11:20 - 12:20; Short Oral Presentation (Two Parallel Sessions, Session S1 & S2)


        Short Oral Presentation S1  (Venue: N002)

            Session Chair: Dao-Qing Dai, Sun Yat-Sen University, China

  • Iris Authentication using Privatized Advanced Correlation Filter
    Siew Chin Chong, Andrew Beng Jin Teoh, and David Chek Ling Ngo

  • Extracting and Combining Multimodal Directional Iris Features
    Chul-Hyun Park and Joon-Jae Lee

  • Fake Iris Detection by Using Purkinje Image
    Eui Chul Lee, Kang Ryoung Park, and Jaihie Kim

  • A novel method for Coarse Iris Classification
    Li Yu, Kuanquan Wang, and David Zhang

  • Global Texture Analysis of Iris Images for Ethnic Classification
    Xianchao Qiu, Zhenan Sun, and Tieniu Tan

  • Modeling intra-class Variation for Nonideal Iris Recognition
    Xin Li

  • A Model Based, Anatomy Based Method for Synthesizing Iris Images
    Jinyu Zuo and Natalia A. Schmid

  • Technology Evaluations on the TH-FACE Recognition System
    Congcong Li, Guangda Su, Kai Meng, and Jun Zhou

  • GA SVM Wrapper Ensemble for Keystroke Dynamics Authentication
    Ki-seok Sung and Sungzoon Cho

  • Retraining a Novelty Detector with Impostor Patterns for Keystroke Dynamics-based Authentication
    Hyoung-joo Lee and Sungzoon Cho

  • Artificial Rhythms and Cues for Keystroke Dynamics based Authentication
    Sungzoon Cho and Seongseob Hwang



        Short Oral Presentation S2 (Venue: N001)

            Session Chair: Massimo Tistarelli, Universita` di Sassari, Italy

  • Multimodal Facial Gender and Ethnicity Identification
    Xiaoguang Lu, Hong Chen, and Anil K. Jain

  • Fusion of Infrared and Range Data: Multi-modal Face Images
    Xin Chen, Patrick J. Flynn, and Kevin W. Bowyer

  • Face Verification Based on Bagging RBF Networks
    Yunhong Wang, Yiding Wang, Anil K. Jain, and Tieniu Tan

  • Improvement on Null Space LDA for Face Recognition: A Symmetry Consideration
    Wangmeng Zuo, Kuanquan Wang, and David Zhang

  • Automatic 3D Face Recognition Using Discriminant Common Vectors
    Cheng Zhong, Tieniu Tan, Chenghua Xu, and Jiangwei Li

  • Extraction of Stable Points from Fingerprint Images Using Zone Could-be-in Theorem
    Xuchu Wang, Jianwei Li, Yanmin Niu, Weimin Chen, and Wei Wang

  • Fingerprint Image Enhancement Based on a Half Gabor Filter
    Wonchurl Jang , Deoksoo Park, Dongjae Lee, and Sung-jae Kim

  • Fake Fingerprint Detection by Odor Analysis
    Denis Baldisserra, Annalisa Franco, Dario Maio, and Davide Maltoni

  • Enhancement of Low Quality Fingerprints Based on Anisotropic Filtering
    Xinjian Chen, Jie Tian, Yangyang Zhang, and Xin Yang

  • Ridge-based Fingerprint Recognition
    Xiaohui Xie, Fei Su, and Anni Cai


12:20 - 14:00; LUNCH (Venue: Corridor of N002)


14:00 - 16:00; BioSecure Special Session* (Venue: N002)

                        Session Chair: Gerard Chollet and Dijana Petrovska-Delacretaz

  • 14:00 - 14:25;
    Speaker: Dijana Petrovska

                      Topic: Short summaries of Achievements of Speaker, Talking-Face, Hand, Fingerprint and Iris Working groups

  • 14:25 - 14:40;
    Julian Fierrez-Aguilar              

                      Topic: Short summaries of the Achievements of the Fingerprint and Signature working groups

  • 14:40 - 14:55;
    Speaker: Massimo Tistarelli

                      Topic: Face working group

  • 14:55 - 15:05;
    Speaker: Josef Kittler

                      Topic: Multimodal fusion                             

  • 15:05 - 15:20;
    Speaker: Gerard Chollet

                      Topic: Towards a BioSecure 2007 Evaluation Campaign

  • 15:20 - 16:00;

                      Panel discussion: Prof. David Zhang, Prof. Tieniu Tan, Dr. Behnam Bavarian and BioSecure members

                        What are the challenges of future biometric evaluation campaigns?
                - How useful multimodal biometrics is?
                - Which modalities should be combined?
                - Should we conduct an evaluation campaign in multimodal biometrics?
                - How should we organize it?


*The goal of this special session is twofold:

During the first part, we will present the European Network of Excellence, through the achievements of the different working groups during  the 1st BioSecure Residential Workshop;

The second part is devoted to a short presentation of the BioSecure 2007 Evaluation campaign, followed by a panel discussion  related to the challenges of the future biometric evaluation campaigns.


End of ICB 2006

Ø      All the Conference Sessions will be held on the campus of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Ø      Lunch/Welcome Reception/Refreshment/Harbour Cruise and Banquet Dinner will be provided by IAPR ICB 2006 organization for registered participants.

Ø     All the posters will be mounted on poster boards that are 4 feet wide and 6 feet high. Authors can fix their posters in the designated boards for presentation. 

Ø      Oral presentations will be a maximum 25 minutes plus 5 minutes for questions and discussion. A video projector will be available to project output from your laptop computer, as well as audio output. If you have other audio-visual requirements, please email icba@comp.polyu.edu.hk

Ø      Short Oral presentations will be a maximum 4 minutes plus 1 minute for questions and discussion. A video projector will be available to project output from your laptop computer, as well as audio output. If you have other audio-visual requirements, please email icba@comp.polyu.edu.hk

Ø      Poster presentations will include a one-minute overview, for which you may use the video projection system. Be sure to make it brief - don't try to "give the talk," but instead communicate the basic topic and idea at a high level. Consider this as an advertisement to interest people in getting the details during the poster sessions.

Ø      A fully equipped meeting room is available for the network access by participants.



IAPR International Conference on Biometrics 2006