Fingerprint Recognition


Prof. Davide Maltoni
Biometric Systems Laboratory
University of Bologna


This tutorial introduces fingerprint recognition in a top-down fashion. Some general schemes are provided to explain the overall architecture of a fingerprint recognition system. Then, the main components (acquisition device, feature extraction, and matching) are discussed in detail. Different state-of-the-art approaches are presented and compared, and the most critical difficulties characterizing fingerprint recognition are pointed out referring to FVC2002 (Fingerprint Verification Competition) results. Live examples and demos of some techniques are shown during the tutorial to better explain some concepts. The tutorial is accessible to beginners although a little background in image processing and pattern recognition is necessary to fully understand some central parts.


Davide Maltoni is an Associate Professor at University of Bologna (ITALY). He is co-director of the Biometric Systems Laboratory (BioLab), which is internationally known for its research and publications in the field. Davide Maltoni is co-author of a monographic book on "Fingerprint Recognition" published by Springer NY, 2003.

International Conference on Biometric Authentication 2004