Brand your products with the most advanced research in biometrics

Grasp the opportunity to make your brand and products ever better known at Asiaˇ¦s most pioneering biometrics event, The International Conference on Biometrics 2006 (ICB 2006) to be held in Hong Kong from 5th to 7th January, 2006.

Last year, the first International Conference on Biometrics Authentication 2004 brought together over 250 guests and collected over a hundred papers. The IEEE-supported programme also featured a number of sponsors and their biometrics products, including Hong Kong Immigration Department that showcased ˇ§e-Channelˇ¨ -- the fingerprint-ID card identity authentication systems -- before its launch at Hong Kong-China Lo Wu Immigration Control Point this year.

Capitalising on last yearˇ¦s success, ICB 2006 will provide a forum for top biometric companies to exhibit the latest product and world-renowned industry experts to share research results. Over 100 cutting-edge presentations on advanced biometrics topics will be included, with focuses on the improvement and enhancement of existing biometrics and pattern recognition technology, novel advancement in customising ethnicity specific utilities, incorporation of fake detection and amplifying applicability and utilization. These avant-garde biometrics presentations will promise to bring more end-users and industry partners to the floor.

ICB 2006 is a technology-driven occasion to meet with academics, vendors, consumers and genuinely interested prospects. Sponsorship at such an event is the best way to position yourself as the unrivalled lead company in the biometrics industry. Companies such as Motorola and Omron have already committed.  So contact us today and let your brand shine at ICB2006.


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IAPR International Conference on Biometrics 2006