The Tenth IEEE International

EDOC Conference (EDOC 2006)


"The Enterprise Computing Conference"

16-20 October 2006, Hong Kong

About the Conference

The EDOC Conference is the primary annual event focusing on the convergence of the paradigms, technologies and methods involved in enterprise computing. EDOC 2006 is the tenth event in the series of conferences, which since 1997 has brought together leading researchers, policy makers, architects and practitioners from academia, industry and government to discuss enterprise computing challenges, models and solutions.

Today the creation, operation and evolution of enterprise computing systems raise concerns that range from high-level requirements and policy modelling through to the deployment of specific implementation technologies and paradigms, and involve a wide (and ever growing) range of methods, models, tools and technologies. They also cover a broad spectrum of vertical domains and industry segments, from electronic and mobile commerce to real-time business applications for the extended enterprises, e.g., business processes integration, management, execution and monitoring.

The EDOC Conference emphasizes the integration and management of enterprise computing research and development results, fostering an enterprise and social organizational engineering approach that can address and relate business, application, middleware and technical levels. The themes of openness and distributed computing, based on services, components and objects, provide a useful and unifying conceptual thread for this purpose.


The first EDOC conference took place in 1997 on the Gold Coast, Australia. The aim was to focus on topics related to the Enterprise Viewpoint of the Open Distributed Processing (ODP) standard for which there were no conferences at the time. EDOC 1997 was hosted by the Distributed Systems Technology Centre (DSTC), an Australian Cooperative Research Centre, founded through Commonwealth Government's CRC Programme, in 1992. The General Chair of the conference was Dr. Zoran Milosevic, who is currently serving on the Steering Committee of this conference. Following the huge success of the first event, it was decided to hold a subsequent conference (EDOC 1998) in La Jolla, USA, hosted by MCI Systemhouse and chaired by Dr. Cris Kobryn. EDOC 1999 then went on to Europe; hosted by the University of Mannheim and Fraunhofer Institute (General Chairs were Prof. Colin Atkinson and Prof. Martin Schader). This established the pattern for successive events. EDOC 2000 was hosted by Fujitsu Labs (General Chair was Dr. Sanya Uehara) in Japan; while EDOC 2001 crossed the Pacific to Seattle where it was hosted by Boeing (General Chair was Dr. Guijun Wang). EDOC 2002 went to Europe again in 2001, being hosted by EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland (General Chair was Prof. Alain Wegmann). EDOC 2003 was hosted by DSTC again in Brisbane, Australia (General Chair was Prof. Keith Duddy) and EDOC 2004 was held in Monterey, US, hosted by University of Alabama at Birmingham (General Chair was Prof. Barrett Bryant). EDOC 2005 was hosted by the University of Twente, The Netherlands (General Chairs were Prof. Marten J. van Sinderen, Prof. Maarten W.A. Steen and Prof. Marc M. Lankhorst).











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