Current Students

Zhaoyan Shen, PhD student, July 2015 -

Lei Han, PhD student, August 2015 -

Chenlin Ma, PhD Student, Jan. 2015 -

Shaheer Muhammad, PhD Student, July 2016 -

Ameer Khan, PhD Student, July 2016 -


Students Graduated

Meng Wang, PhD, November 2009

Thesis Title: Compiler-Assisted High Performance and Low Power Optimizations for Embedded Systems


Yi Wang, PhD, September 2011

Thesis Title: Overhead-Aware Real-Time Scheduling for Streaming Applications on MPSoCs


Duo Liu, PhD, November 2012

Thesis Title: Write-Activity-Aware NAND Flash Memory Management for PCM-based Embedded Systems


Zhiwei Qin, PhD, June 2012

Thesis Title: Demand-Based Block-Level Address Mapping in Large-Scale NAND Flash Storage Systems


Renhai Chen, PhD, August 2016

Thesis Title: Hardware/Software Codesign for Performance and Lifetime Enhancement in NAND-Flash-based Embedded Storage Systems


Tianzheng Wang, Bachelor, 2012