Research Interests: Big Data Systems, Storage Systems, Embedded Software and Systems, and Related Industrial Applications.



Recent Funded Research Projects:


1.            HK GRF, PI, Leveraging the Interplay of RAID and SSD for Lifetime and Reconstruction Optimization of Flash-based SSD RAID Array, HKD 875,000, 2018-2020.

2.            HK GRF, PI, Alleviating Semantic Gaps in Key-Value Storage Systems: Think Big, See Small, HKD 482,605, 2017-2019.

3.            HK GRF, PI, Bridging I/O Performance Gap for Big Data Workloads: A New NVDIMM-based Approach, HKD 871,036, 2016-2018.

4.            HK GRF, PI, Mobile Virtualization Optimization Using Emerging Non-Volatile Memory, HKD 875,000, 2015-2017.

5.            National Science Foundation of China, PI, Optimization Techniques for TLC NAND Flash in Embedded Systems, RMB 770,000, 2014-2017.

6.            High level consultancy project (with Info Source Storage Media Limited, HK), PI, Management Software Development for A Large Scale Optical Disk Based Data Storage System, HKD 390,000, 2014-2015.

7.            High level consultancy project (with ASTRI, HK), PI, Software Techniques for Vmware memory caching, HKD 390,000, 2014-2015.

8.            National 863 Project, CO-I, Key Technique and System Architecture of Uniform Internal and External Memory based on Emerging Non-Volatile Memory, RMB 4,910,000, 2013 - 2015.

9.            HK RGC Germany/Hong Kong Joint Research Scheme, PI, Compiler-Assisted Techniques for Improving Reliability with Emerging Non-Volatile Memory in Embedded Systems, HK$ 57,200, Jan. 2013 - Dec. 2014.

10.         HK ITF, PI, Research and Development of A Flash Translation Layer with Demand-based Block-level Address Mapping for Large-Scale NAND Flash Memory Storage Systems, HK$ 997,000, 2011- 2013.

11.         HK GRF, PI, Compiler-Assisted Scratch-Pad Memory Management Techniques for Networked and Distributed Embedded Systems, HK$ 318,962, 2009 - 2011.

12.         HK CERG, PI, Compiler-Assisted Scheduling Techniques for Energy Saving on Parallel and Distributed Embedded Systems, HK$ 648,000, Jan. 2008 - Dec. 2010.