Research Projects


Ongoing Projects

Making Sense of Social Media Streams through Text Summarization (GRF PolyU 152094/14E, 2015-2017)


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Related Publications:

         Sequential Summarization: A New Application for Timely Updated Twitter Trending Topics, in Proceedings of the 51st Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics (ACLí13), Sofia, Bulgaria, August 4-9, 2013, pp567-571.

         Automatic Twitter Topic Summarization with Speech Acts, IEEE Transactions on Audio, Speech and Language Processing (TASLP), 21(3):649-658, March, 2013.


Modeling Opinion Influence in Social Media Networks for Business Intelligence Applications (GRF PolyU 5202/12E, 2013-2015)


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         Social Media Mining

o   Understand how people interact and how information propagates over social media network

o   Model and Track User Behaviors, Hot Topics and Opinions

         Social Influence Modeling and Tracking

o   Analyze Influence Among Individual and Group

o   Capture How Influencers Changes Otherís Opinions and Behaviors

o   Locate Influencers and Predict Opinion Changes, etc.

         Wide Range of Business Applications

o   Social Influence Marketing Improves Brand Awareness and Sales

o   Social Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Engage Customers in a Trusted and Friendly Environment

Related Publications:

         A Constrained Multi-view Clustering Approach to Influence Role Detection, in Proceedings of IJCAI 2015 Workshop on Social Influence Analysis, Buenos Aires, Argentina, July 25-31, 2015.

         Inferring Topic-Dependent Influence Roles of Twitter Users, in Proceedings of the 37th Annual International ACM SIGIR Conference (SIGIRí14), Cold Coast, Australia, July 6-11, 2014, pp1203-1206.


Content-Oriented Microblog Mining Based on Speech Act Recognition (基於用戶言語行為的微博內容挖掘研究) (NSFC 61272291, 2013-2016)

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Related Publications:

         Automatic Twitter Topic Summarization with Speech Acts, IEEE Transactions on Audio, Speech and Language Processing (TASLP), 21(3):649-658, March, 2013.

         Towards Scalable Speech Act Recognition in Twitter: Tackling Insufficient Training Data, in Proceedings of the EACL 2012 Workshop on Semantic Analysis in Social Networks, Avignon, France, April 23, 2012.

         What Are Tweeters Doing: Recognizing Speech Acts in Twitter, in Proceedings of AAAI 2011 Workshop on Analyzing Microtext, San Francisco, USA, August 8, 2011.


Completed Projects

UGC-founded Research Projects (As PI):

         Building a Unified Framework and Evolutionary Models for Online Opinion Retrieval and Summarization (CERG PolyU5230/08E, 2008-2011)

         Query-Oriented Summarization based on Question Profile Construction and Answer Fusion (CERG PolyU 5217/07E, 2007-2010)

         Producing Concise and Coherent Entity Description Summaries from Multiple Documents (CERG PolyU 5211/05E, 2005-2007)

         Temporal-Oriented Chinese News Event Tracking and Summarization (CERG PolyU 5181/03E, 2003-2006)

         Determination of Temporal Reference in Chinese News Articles (CERG PolyU 5085/02E, 2002-2004)

PolyU Internal Research Projects (As PI):

         To Trust or Not to Trust: Interaction-driven Information Credibility Modeling on Social Media Network

         Towards Automatic References Recommendation and Survey Generation: Mining the Scientific Literature (CERG Fundable, 2011-2012)

         Exploring Joint Ranking Strategies for Opinion Retrieval and Summarization (ICRG PolyU, 2009-2010)

         Exploring Optimization Strategies for Multi-Document Summarization (ICRG PolyU, 2008-2009)

Other Projects Involved (As Co-I):

         Learning Analytics and Educational Data Mining

         Crowd-sourcing, Linguistic Analysis and Language Resources, CERG, 01/2012-12/2013

         Feature Space Abstraction in Video Skimming, ICRG, 10/2010-12/2011

         Automatic Feature Selection in News Video Skimming, ICRG, 10/2009-12/2010

         A Study of Domain Specific Web Mining for the Tracking of Event, ICRG, 01/2008-12/2009

         An Intelligent Risk Assessment System for International Maritime Safety and Security Law in Hong Kong and China, ICRG, 01/2006-12/2009

         Acquisition of New Domain Specific Concepts and Ontology Update, CERG 2005-2007

         Terminology Extraction with Classification Assignment, CERG 2004-2006

         基于迁移学习自适应信息抽取技术研究,NSFC 60603093, 01/2011-12/2013

         基于短语信息和领域概念的主题标引关键技术研究, NSFC 60603093, 01/2007-12/2009

         面向信息抽取的汉语时间系统研究, NSFC 60573186, 01/2006-12/2008

         因特网中文金融新闻中抽取事件及其相关时间信息的研究, NSFC 69975008, 2000-2002

         机器翻译新方法的研究, 863 Project 2005AA114140, 2005-2006