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Research Talk

External talks:

    1. "Network Measurement Research in a Complex Networked World (在複雜網絡世界中的網絡測量研究)" A keynote speech at Internet Conference of China (第二届中国互联网学术年会), 10 July 2013. [ppt]
    2. "My Research Students and I," School of Computer, National University of Defense Technology, 9 July 2013. [ppt]
    3. "Measuring Internet Performance: Challenges and Opportunities," School of Information Science and Technology, Xiamen University, 4 July 2013. [ppt]
    4. "Four-Year Experience of Coordinated Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnosis from Academic Nodes," An International Conference of Networking Experts, 13-17 January 2013. [ppt]
    5. "Towards the science of network measurement," The Network Research Center, Tsinghua University, 21 November 2012.  [ppt]
    6. "Measuring and Understanding Internet Performance: A Personal View," Graduate Forum, Sun Yat-sen University, July 2012.  [ppt]
    7. "OneProbe: Measuring Network Path Quality with TCP data-packet pairs," ISMA 2011 AIMS-3, 11 February 2011.  [ppt]
    8. "Non-cooperative Diagnosis of Submarine Cable Faults," Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, 19 January 2011.  [ppt]
    9. "Measurement of Loss Pairs in Network Paths,"  Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 18 January 2011.  [ppt]
    10. "Active Measurement of Data-Path Quality in a Non-cooperative Internet," The Network Research Center, Tsinghua University, 18 January 2011.  [ppt]
    11. "Active Measurement of Data-Path Quality in a Non-cooperative Internet," Simon Fraser University, October 2010.  [ppt]
    12. "Recent Advances in Active Internet Path Measurement," Sichuan University, Dec. 2009 and National University of Defense Technology, June 2010.  [ppt]
    13. "Measuring the Performance and Fairness of a Shared Network Infrastructure," APRICOT, February 2010.  [ppt]
    14. "Lessons Learnt from the Beijing Olympic Games Website Measurement," Closing Plenary session, APRICOT, February 2009 and a special session in APNOMS, September 2008.  [ppt]
    15. "An Active Approach to Measuring Routing Dynamics Induced by Autonomous Systems," A plenary presentation, APRICOT, Taipei, February 2008 and CS Dept at the National Taiwan University, July 2007.  [ppt]

    Internal talks:

    1. "What have I learned from the two recent trips on 9-10 July," Group meeting, 12 July 2013. [ppt]
    2. "A Personal Sharing About the COMP Delegation Visit at NTU, NUS, A*STAR and CREATE in Singapore," Departmental meeting, 1 March 2013[ppt]
    3. "What have I learned from the IM submission?"  Group meeting, 25 January 2013. [ppt]
    4. "Purposes of weekly meetings," Group meeting, 16 January 2013.  [ppt]
    5. "A Year-End Review," Group meeting, 19 December 2012.  [ppt]
    6. "Authorship in Research Papers," Group meeting, 24 October 2012.  [ppt]
    7. "You and Your Research' by Richard Hamming," Group meeting, 3 October 2012.  [ppt]
    8. "Random Thoughts about Research," Departmental meeting, 28 September 2012.  [ppt]
    9. "Research Ethics and CS," Group meeting, 26 September 2012.  [ppt]