Job Opportunities

Welcome self-motivated Post-Doc, PhD, MPhil, and RA applicants anytime, particularly cross-domain applicants, such as (but not limited to) those major in control, communications, avionics, electronic circuits, medicine, mechanical engineering, and civil engineering. Please email Dr. Qixin Wang directly.
Project (advertisement date: Sep 25, 2019 to Dec 31, 2024): "SureFire: smart urban resilience and firefighting"
Project (advertisement date: Oct 4, 2019 to Aug 31, 2021): "Pilot study on smart living"
Project (advertisement date: Sep 21, 2015): "An Online Risk Confinement, Assessment, and Mitigation Framework for Wireless-Enabled Medical Cyber-Physical Systems"
Project (advertisement date: Sep 21, 2015): "Software Defined Battery: A Novel Architecture for Large-Scale Battery"
Project (advertisement date: Sep 21, 2015): "Profiling and Containing Faults in Cyber-Physical Systems for Dependability Assurance from an Analytical Perspective"
Project (advertisement date: Sep 21, 2015): "Thinking Across Domain Boundaries: A Composition Framework for Wireless Mission-Critical Cyber-Physical Systems"