Research Positions


1.   The HK PhD Fellowship (Deadline: Dec 1 for every year)


Please click here for details.


2.   PhD and RA Positions


PhD and Research Assistant/Associate positions in deep learning, computer vision, pattern recognition, image restoration and image quality assessment can be available throughout the whole year. Please send me your CV if you have good background and great passion in research.


3.   Postdoctoral Fellow


Several Postdoctoral Fellow positions are available. The candidate should:


a)   Have strong research capability in computer vision, pattern recognition, biometrics or related areas.

b)   Have good English writing skills, and have good experience in writing proposals and reports.

c)   Have good communication and presentation skills, and good leadership.


The salary depends on the experience of the candidate.



If you would like to apply for any of the above positions, please send your CV to




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