Homework 0


This homework set is designed to get you started with Google Drive (which we will be using for most of this course) and also to let us know a little bit about you. This homework is due on the Sunday of the week that you signed up for this class (i.e. if you have been in this class since Week 1, it is due by 23:59 September 6, if you sign up on Week 2, it is due by 23:59 September 13.)

Task 1:

You will create a portfolio for yourself. We will be using this portfolio to keep track of what you have been up to during this course, so mind you make it nice!

  1. Sign up for a gmail account, if you haven't already.
  2. Go to Google Drive. Google Drive is a cloud-based platform, meaning that all your applications are stored on Google and can be accessed from any computer. It offers a text processing service (like Microsoft Word), a spreadsheet service (Excel), and a presentation service (Powerpoint).
  3. Click on "New" and choose "Google Slides". This will open up a dialog box that will ask you to pick a theme. Pick whichever one you like.
  4. Now is the time to customize your portfolio. You can refer to this example. Basically, we want:
    1. The first page should have a recent photo of yourself and the basic information. We would like to know who you are (your formal name and your studentID), what you want to be called in class (your informal name -- remember that we use English in class so make it something that's pronounceable in English!), your department and your program of study.
    2. The second page should tell us something about your background. Why are you taking this course and what you expect of it. Also, if you have any computer experience. You may use more than one page if you like.
  5. Name your document Name_studentID_hw0

Task 2:

Start a new slide in your Google Slides deck and title it "HW0". You will answer your questions on this slide.

  1. Read the article On the Bias by Geoffrey Nunberg.
  2. What was the basic premise that Goldberg made in his work?
  3. Write down, in one sentence in your own words, what Nunberg did to verify Goldberg's claim.
  4. What was the result of Nunberg's analysis?

Handing in

Congratulations, you're done with your first assignment! Share your portfolio with polyuCOMP1d04@gmail.com (actually the capitals don't matter, but it makes it easier to read). Make sure you name it properly, or else you won't get the credit!