IIT Delhi Near IR Face Database (Version 2.0)

Face recognition is regarded as the most convenient biometric with highest user acceptance. Therefore it has attracted significant attention from the researchers and generated tons of papers and technical reports. Several face image database has been made available in the public domain. In order to reliably authenticate individuals in night, i.e. in absence of visible, near infra red imaging of face images are required. Our research has been focused to investigate the utility of near infrared imaging for face recognition. However, to the best of our knowledge, there is no publicly available face image database that has been acquired in night or using near infra red illumination. The Biometrics Research Laboratory at IIT Delhi has been collecting near infrared face image database since February 2007. The objective is to establish large scale near infrared face image database of Indian users and make it available in the public domain.

Brief Description

The IIT Delhi near infrared face image database consists of the faces collected from the students and staff at IIT Delhi, New Delhi, India. This database has been acquired in IIT Delhi campus during Feb - Jun 2007 (still in progress) using a webcam with near infrared illumination. The image acquisition setup is detailed in the referred paper [x]. The currently available database is from 102 users, all the images are in bitmap (*.bmp) format. All the subjects in the database are in the age group 17-50 years. The database was acquired in two stages and in each stage three images were acquired for every user. The average interval between the two image acquisition phase is four week. The database of 612 images is organized into two folders (each with 306 images from 102 users). In each of the two available folders, the acquired images have been sequentially numbered for every user with an integer identification/number. The resolution of these images is 768 ´ 576 pixels and all these images are available in bitmap format. These images have wide variations in the pose and expression.

Sample Images

The entire database is being made available as it was acquired. The sample images from this database are reproduced in the following image set. 


Download and Copyright

The database is being made available for the researchers from November 2007 onwards. Interested researchers should follow following steps to acquire the 'IIT Delhi Near IR Face Database version 2.0'. The terms and conditions for using this database are explicitly outlined in this link


All the rights of the IIT Delhi Near IR Face Database are reserved and commercial use/distribution of this database is strictly prohibited. The face images of the volunteers are protected and the image(s) cannot be reproduced in any technical report/paper with the prior permission. All the technical reports and papers that report experimental results from this database should provide due acknowledgement/reference. The reference should appear as 'IIT Delhi Near IR Face Database version 2.0, http://www.comp.polyu.edu.hk/~csajaykr/IITD/FaceIR.htm'.


This database can be downloaded from submitting the mandatory details using following link



[1] Ajay Kumar and T. Srikanth, “Online personal identification in night using multiple face representations,” Proc. ICPR 2008, Tampa, Florida, Dec. 2008

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