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PolyU Treebank


Chunk 组块 is defined as the non-overlapping and non-recursive phrases with stable internal structure and independent semantic role. It is nearly same as the base phrase defined in PolyU Treebank. A chunk consists of two or more words in which one work plays head. With the reference of CoNLL-2000 shared task [Sang et al. 2000], we establish a chunk bank based on PolyU Shallow Treebank. The syntactic categories adopted in the chunk bank are given the following table.

Category Description Example
BNP Base noun phrase [市场/n 经济/n]NP
market economy
BAP Base adjective phrase [公正/a 合理/a]BAP
fair and reasonable
BVP Base verb phrase [顺利/a 启动/v]BVP
successfully start
BDP Base adverb phrase [已/d 不再/d]BDP
no longer

Base quantifier phrase

[数千/m 名/q]BQP 士兵/n
several thousand soldiers
BTP Base time phrase [早上/t 8 时/t]BTP
8:00 in the morning
BFP Base position phrase [内蒙古/ns 东北部/f]BFP
North-east of Inner Mongolia
BNT Name of an organization [烟台/ns 大学/n]BNT
Yantai University
BNS Name of a place [江苏省/ns 铜山县/ns]BNS
Jiangsu Province, Tongshan Country
BNZ Other proper noun phrase [诺贝尔/nr 奖/n]BNZ
The Nobel Prize
BSV S-V structure [领土/n 完整/a]BSV
territorial integrity

Chunk categories

Example of Chunk Bank

Sharing Chunk bank


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