Biometrics Research Centre (BRC)

The Joint Biometrics Research Centre is a base dedicated to both advancing the frontiers of research in the multidisciplinary area of biometric computing and to being on the cutting edge in developing biometrics technologies. The Centre consists of four units in Hong Kong, Macau, and mainland China: the Biometrics Research Centre (BRC) at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU), the Data-Driven Intelligent Systems Lab at The University of Macau (UM), the Bio-computing Research Center (BRC) at The Harbin Institute of Technology/Harbin Institute of Technology Shenzhen Graduate School (HIT/HITSZ) (Harbin/Shenzhen, China), and a research laboratory at Tsinghua University (China).




 The BRC is committed to maintaining its role as a front-runner and leader in the world in biometric technology in the 21st century, and in applying the various technologies to biometrics-related industries for the growth and development of related industries in China and Hong Kong. The centre is putting its efforts into maintaining a few large databases to international standards, such as those on palmprints and tongues, which are open all researchers. It is also driving multi-disciplinary research and collaboration with parties worldwide.

香港理工大学人体生物特征识别研究中心一直致力於保持研究中心位于世界生物认证技术研究前端,扮演21世纪的领导角色, 並透过生物特征识别技术,回馈国内及香港工业。它亦在维护符合国际标准的的大型生物特征研究数据库,例如掌纹以及舌像数据库等,并且将其提供给广大研究者进行研究。另外,它亦积极开展国际领域的多学科的研究合作。 

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