Biometrics research at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University was pioneered by Prof. David Zhang of the Department of Computing in the early 1990’s. Under his leadership, a research team has been set up, focusing on fundamental issues and challenging problems in the field of biometric computing. Combining a passion for cutting-edge research with a devotion to working hard to develop innovative technologies, the team is committed to achieving the highest levels of professional excellence and has achieved international recognition. This is evidenced by the awards that they have received, the patents that they have been granted, their publications in top journals and international conference volumes, the large number of citations of their work, and application systems and prototype demos that they have developed. Today, the BRC has become one of the leading research labs in the world. The centre is well known for its creative and innovative work in two major areas: biometrics security and medical biometrics. Currently, the team is focusing on developing new approaches to high security and computerized healthcare using multiple biometric features. In addition, the BRC has established and consolidated a network of collaboration with individuals and groups worldwide to develop new methodologies and technologies for biometric computing.

The BRC is a knowledge base for both industrial and academic collaboration and a training centre for research students, who will have excellent career opportunities. As interest increases in the use of biometrics to verify identity, and demand grows for biometric identification to enhance security, biometrics technologies are emerging as powerful tools that incorporate other advanced IT technologies for various applications. The BRC team is particularly strong in these areas and has demonstrated its leadership in biometrics authentication and computerized Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for medical diagnoses. Looking ahead, the BRC is moving in the direction of further development through technology transfers to support industrial applications and exploring new biometric solutions to practical problems for the benefit of society. The BRC is also a platform to facilitate multidisciplinary research in various areas with excellent economic potential, including sensing technology, multimedia, pattern recognition, medical service, information security, and big data analytics and cloud computing.




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