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Biometrics Encryption and Template SecurityBiometrics Template Encryption and Security, Biometrics System Attacks and Countermeasure, Liveness Detection and Antispoofing Techniques
Biometrics FusionFeature-Level, Score-Level, Decision-Level, and Rank-Level Biometrics Fusion, Adaptive Biometrics Fusion, Multispectral Biometrics Fusion and Adaptation
Face Recognition2D Face Recognition, 3D Face Recognition, Face Recognition Under-Less Constrained Environment, Face Recognition Challenge Evaluation, Multispectral and Large Scale Face Recognition
Finger Knuckle BiometricsFinger Knuckle Forensics and Matching, Major and Minor Finger Knuckle Identification,,Second Monir Finger Knuckle Identification, Finger Knuckle Classification
Fingerprint RecognitionLatent Fingerprint Recognition, Fingerprint Identification using Level 0-3 Features, 3D Fingerprint Acquisition and Matching, Contactless and At-A-Distance Fingerphoto Identification
Iris and Periocular RecognitionIris Recognition using Near-Infrared and Visible Illumination, Periocular Recognition, Iris Recognition At-A-Distance, Ocular Recognition under Less Constrained Environment
Palmprint RecognitionContactless Palmprint Identification, 3D Palmprint Identification, Latent Palmprint Matching
Performance Evaluation, Datasets, Overview SurveyBiometrics Challenge Evaluation, Large Scale Biometrics Identification and Applications, Emerging Biometrics Databases, Overview of Biometrics Technologies and Systems
Signature / Writer RecognitionOnline Signature Verification, Static and Dynamic Signature Verification, Automatic Writer Recognition, Handwriting Recognition
Soft BiometricsEthnicity, Skin Color, Hight, Weight, Mustache, Beard, Gender, etc.
Speech / Speaker IdentificationVoice Recognition, Language Recognition, Speaker Separation and Recognition, etc.
Vascular BiometricsFinger Vein Identification, Palm-Vein Identification, Hand Vein Recognition, Palm Dorsal Vein Recognition, Biometrics Identification using Vascular Imaging
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